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Off Grid Energy Independence
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New roofing tile is also a solar panel

The sun provides more than enough energy in just one hour to supply our planet's energy needs for an entire year. Homes can capture this free, abundant energy source through rooftop solar tiles, turning sunlight into electricity for immediate use or storage in a Tesla Powerwall battery.
Tesla CEO and SolarCity Chairman Elon Musk has introduced a new roofing tile that is also a solar panel. The solar tiles come in four styles : Tuscan glass, slate glass, textured glass and smooth glass. The solar roof tiles are manufactured with durable, long lasting tempered-glass and can withstand nearly three times the force of standard roofing tiles. The solar tiles integrated into the roof are invisible when viewed from the street, yet are fully exposed to the sun from above.
"The goal is... to have solar roofs that look better than a normal roof, generate electricity, last longer, have better insulation and actually have an installed cost that is less than a normal roof plus the cost of electricity," Musk said at an event in California where he also introduced the second generation of both a battery power solution aimed at electric utilities and Tesla's Powerwall. Powerwall 2 can provide double the energy of the first generation battery, and can power a two-bedroom home for a full day according to Tesla.
Production of the solar roofing tiles will begin in mid 2017. SolarCity claim the tiles will cost less than a traditional roof when combined with projected utility bill savings.
Source and images: Tesla
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