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PLD based lithium ion battery technology

Picodeon, a leading Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) technology company based in Ii, Finland announced its programme to develop superior Lithium Ion Battery performance based on its Patented PLD Technology in conjunction with Oulu University, Finland.
Picodeon has developed its uniquely differentiated, scalable and patented PLD Technology Platform to deliver precision nano porous thin films targeted for the Lithium Ion Battery markets increasing demands for miniaturisation, safety and higher energy density.
The programme addresses Anode, Cathode, Separator coating technology, and also Solid Electrolyte technology.
Picodeon's highly uniform Aluminium Oxide nano coatings from 2um down to 20nm are already being evaluated by several leading industry players in separator and cathode applications.
In response to overwhelming customer demands, Picodeon in conjunction with Oulu University are developing an entirely novel way of creating electrode materials by using new nano structured anodes without any binder made possible by Picodeon's proprietary PLD technology. This technology improves Energy Density by up to 500% with excellent rate capability, and lifecycle performance.
As part of the programme, PLD based Solid Electrolytes using LiPON are being developed.
Picodeon CEO, Fergus Clarke said "Our goal is to deliver a superior battery technology that addresses the future needs of the Mobility markets in Communication and Transportation, and also supports the clean energy agenda. We are developing a new generation of manufacturing tools that will give battery companies unprecedented precision and accuracy for their battery manufacturing process".
"We are delighted to be working with Picodeon on this significant technology development" said Ulla Lassi, Professor of Applied Chemistry at Oulu University. "Oulu University has the most advanced battery development capability and this compliments the unique PLD nano technology from Picodeon."
Source and top image of Fergus Clarke: Picodeon
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