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Energy Storage Innovations USA 2017

Energy Storage Innovations (ESI) USA 2017 is the leading conference to learn about new developments in battery technology. Organised by the technology consulting firm IDTechEx, ESI's aim is to bring together different players in the value chain, from material and technology developers to integrators and end-users, providing insight on forthcoming technologies, material selection, market trends and the latest products.
The conference will take place over the course of two days (November 15 & 16, 2017) at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, alongside the IDTechEx Show! as well as eight other co-located conferences on electric vehicles, 3D printing, energy harvesting, and so on. 28 speakers from various areas of the energy storage industry will populate the ESI conference track, from manufacturing to fundamental R&D, all the way to battery software and new business models. It is this cross-disciplinary approach, that cuts both across the value chain and across parallel battery markets.
Alongside IDTechEx's senior analysts, three excellent keynote speakers will open the conference, namely Dr Ramesh Bhardwaj from X (formerly Google X), who will talk about Alphabet's efforts in benchmarking vanadium redox flow batteries; Ms Candice Yu from Mercedes Benz Energy, a new company by Daimler focusing on grid storage from an automotive perspective; and Mr Austin Mori from muRata, a Japanese company that recently acquired Sony's Li-ion battery business and which is set for a tremendous growth in the years to come.
The rest of the conference will consist of five thematic sessions, to reflect the most promising areas in terms of growth and innovation according to IDTechEx:
  • Advanced Li-ion Batteries: in this session, new battery materials will be presented, whether at the anode side (Amprius, Nano-Nouvelle), or the electrolyte side (Solidenergy, KalpTree), as well as new form factors that can disrupt the way fast charging is done (TankTwo);
  • Post-Li-ion Batteries: this session will be dedicated to technologies that go beyond conventional Li-ion batteries, including supercapacitors (EnCap Energy, Paper Battery), thin film devices (Ilika), and sodium batteries (BroadBit);
  • Energy Storage for Stationary Applications: this market is experiencing significant growth and has the potential to change the way we source and use our electricity on a daily basis. Key speakers from EOS, Urban Electric Power, and Voltaiq will be talking about the steps being taken in this respect from a business and technology perspective, while Echemion and Primus Power will focus on the disruptive potential of redox flow batteries;
  • Enabling Technologies for Energy Storage: this session will have a strong focus on Li-ion manufacturing, with representatives from Electrovaya and Lithops, as well as representatives of the microbattery industry from Intel and CEA; finally, Australian company Lepidico will present for the first time its new technology to harvest lithium carbonate from unconventional minerals;
  • Energy Storage and Graphene: the final session of the conference will have representatives from First Graphite, Enerage and Zapgo discuss how graphene can be implemented into energy storage devices to boost performance and open up untapped markets.
A full list of all the speakers, their abstracts, and how to register can be found at:
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