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Off Grid Energy Independence
Posted on March 13, 2018

Smart off-grid power connects the unconnected in Rwanda

Clear Blue Technologies Inc, a Smart Off-Grid™ company, is helping Vanu Inc to provide cellular coverage that will support up to one million customers in rural Rwanda. Vanu pioneered a wireless communications solution and a coverage-as-a-service business model that makes it economically viable to provide telecom services to remote areas. Clear Blue's Smart Off-Grid solution and service provides the accompanying 'power as a service' to provide reliable, wireless, clean managed power for the Vanu cellular base station. For more information see the IDTechEx report on energy harvesting off-grid microwatt to megawatt.
Miriam Tuerk, co-founder and CEO of Clear Blue Technologies, said, "Over 25 percent of the world's population lives without access to reliable sources of electricity, and in sub-Saharan Africa that percentage is even higher. The lack of clean, affordable, and reliable power has a profound effect on people's health and economic opportunities, so we are thrilled to kick off our partnership with Vanu with this first project to help provide critical communications services to remote communities in Rwanda. Our Smart Off-Grid system delivers the affordable and reliable power needed for this vital communications service, and we manage, monitor, and control it online through our Illumience cloud platform."
Andy Beard, Group CEO of Vanu, stated: "Clear Blue's Smart Off-Grid system enables us to install our communications solutions in areas without grid power or skilled labor for ongoing system maintenance. This assists in our objective to lower the cost per cell site to a level that permits sustainable service in sparsely populated areas. This collaboration highlights our joint vision of helping mobile network operators extend coverage to rural communities in Rwanda and elsewhere and simultaneously increase revenue and profits. We look forward to working with Clear Blue in the future to roll out rural market solutions for mobile operators worldwide."
Clear Blue's Smart Off-Grid technology enables off-grid systems to reach an unprecedented level of performance and reliability.  Clear Blue's Smart Off-Grid system includes a hybrid controller, an integrated communications network and the Illumience Cloud software for full remote control and management over the Internet. With its unique capability to remotely control and manage all aspects of an off-grid system over the Internet, Clear Blue slashes maintenance time and costs.
Clear Blue uses Illumience to provide an ongoing management service to ensure reliable power is delivered to systems, while system owners also have access to monitor and manage their systems. With extensive management and control capabilities, automated monitoring and alerts, proactive weather forecasting, and the ability to optimize systems remotely, Smart Off-Grid technology helps to keep systems running, prevent outages, and enable remote troubleshooting when needed to quickly resolve any issues. The Smart Off-Grid power system, backed by Clear Blue's service team who manages and operates all of its customers' systems, results in unmatched reliability, long-lasting system performance, and a reduction of up to 80 percent in maintenance and operational costs.
Source and top image: Clear Blue Technologies Inc