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Cymbet Corporation wins ACE Award

Cymbet Corporation was recently awarded EE Times' 2009 Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Award for the "Best Enabler for Green Engineering". Cymbet won the award for its EnerChip™ EH Solar Energy Harvesting EVAL-08 Evaluation Kit which incorporates the EnerChip EH CBC5300 Energy Harvesting module. The EnerChip EH EVAL-08 is the world's first turnkey solar energy harvesting evaluation kit that enables electronics designers to quickly create "green" power solutions to be used in applications such as handheld electronics, medical devices, data loggers and autonomous wireless sensors.
The Cymbet EnerChip EH EVAL-08 kit is also part of the recently released Texas Instruments (TI) ez430-RF2500-SEH Wireless Solar Energy Harvesting Demo Kit. The TI kit comes with all the hardware, firmware and user interface software designers need to create zero power wireless sensors, and is available from many distributors including DigiKey and Mouser.
EE Times' ACE Awards celebrate the creators of technology who demonstrate leadership and innovation in the global industry. Now entering its fifth year, the ACE Awards are the fastest-growing electronics industry recognition event honouring the people and companies behind the technologies that are changing the way we work, live and play.
"We are honoured to receive this prestigious ACE Award from the editors of EE Times," said Bill Priesmeyer Cymbet president and CEO. "This recognition is another validation that our EnerChip technology is a key enabler in green power applications. We look forward to working with our customers to bring exciting new energy-efficient products to market."
Drop-in Solar Energy Harvesting Power Solutions
Creating power-efficient and cost-effective solar energy harvesting power solutions can be a complex task. There are many variables that must be taken into account. The Cymbet EnerChip EH CBC5300 module provides new technologies that overcome these complexities and can be used as a drop-in power solution. The CBC5300 module has >5000 recharge cycles, low self-discharge, fast charging times, stable output voltage, and can be connected to many different microcontrollers and low-power wireless devices.
EnerChip EH Solar Evaluation Kit - CBC-EVAL-08
In order to evaluate the EnerChip EH CBC5300, Cymbet also has introduced the CBC-EVAL-08 Solar Energy Harvesting evaluation kit. This kit contains a solar panel board that has a socketed EnerChip EH module. The EVAL-08 board has the standard Energy Harvesting 5-pin connector with cable for connection to a target device to be powered. There is an additional connector for a customer-supplied solar panel. The EVAL-08 works well in low-light conditions and is an ideal platform for prototyping both indoor and outdoor solar energy harvesting applications.
Source: Cymbet Corporation
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