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Energy Harvesting & Storage Conference expands

The conference Energy Harvesting in Cambridge UK on June 3-4 has enhanced its first and second day line up with carefully chosen speakers giving the big picture, with a particular emphasis on commercialisation. Energy harvesting - making electronic and electric devices self sufficient for decades - is rapidly moving from the laboratory into a plethora of new applications. The first day of this unique conference is dedicated to uses, potential uses and market sizes - the first time an energy harvesting conference has served this aspect. Latest to join the speaker list on the first day is Lockheed Martin subsidiary Savi airing their need for energy harvesting in military and heavy logistics RFID.
The second day covers all the important technologies and what is possible when. Latest addition here is Dr Steven Novack of Idaho National Laboratory. His flexible sheets of printable nano antennas promise to harvest light - and beyond - at up to double the efficiency of the best, highly expensive, photovoltaic solar cells yet be affordable and easily applied to any structure whatever its shape.
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman of analysts IDTechEx staging the conference says, "The first day is when we hear Rolls Royce Aeroengines and many other major users and potential users. It is now well complemented by the full range of technologies being compared on the second day - piezoelectrics, electrodynamics, photovoltaics, nantennas and thermoelectrics with an emphasis on applications. For example, three very important aspects now receiving major attention are energy harvesting tolerant electronics -where we have three speakers - and use of several energy harvesting methods together to give greater security of supply. At the event, delegates specialising in one technology will be forming partnerships with those having complementary technologies. Then there is the fact that 90% of potential wireless sensor network applications are impossible without energy harvesting. Four speakers describe exciting advances in this aspect as well as other progress."
There is an exhibition, Masterclasses and visits to local centres of excellence. The Masterclasses are led by world class authorities from IDTechEx and elsewhere, an example being Dr Emma Kendrick of Fife Batteries with Dr Peter Harrop and Dr Harry Zervos of IDTechEx leading the Energy Storage Masterclass on the day after the conference. The visit to see Cambridge University CAPE research on batteries, piezoelectrics and photovoltaics will be hosted by Dr Andrew Flewitt at the University.
For more information on the topic please contact the author Dr. Peter Harrop at or to find out more about the Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2009 conference please contact the Event Manager Mrs. Corinne Jennings at

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Posted on: May 15, 2009

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