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Off Grid Energy Independence
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External Company Press Release

Daystar Power generates solar energy for German Bundeswehr in Nigeria

The Bundeswehr has commissioned solar power plants at three locations in Nigeria and has since supplied itself with solar energy. The plants at the Bundeswehr locations Abuja and Jaji have a total output of 103.08 KW and have been in operation since November 2017. They create a self-sufficient, sustainable ecosystem around the German Bundeswehr sites. All plants were built and operated by Daystar Power, a company specializing in energy supply. Daystar Power belongs to the venture builder Sunray Ventures of the German founders Christian Wessels and Jasper Graf von Hardenberg. Two further locations in Nigeria are already in the planning stage. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Distributed Generation: Minigrid Microgrid Zero Emission 2018-2038.
Daystar Power is a founding of the venture builder Sunray Ventures, which has set itself the task of making a significant contribution to the electrification of the African continent through private equity investments and thereby promoting the systematic expansion of renewable energy resources. In the Nigerian capital Abuja, Daystar Power erected a solar plant consisting of AEG solar modules on the premises of "Armed Forces Electronic and Mechatronics Engineering A and Mechatronics Engineering (AFEME) Workshop and School". These largely replace the usual power supply by diesel gensets on the entire training grounds. This means that the training centre, lighting, sockets and air conditioning systems can be operated cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner. In Jaji in the central Nigerian state of Kaduna, there are two other properties supplied with solar energy by Daystar Power: The medical centre and the GTAG training centre, where the Nigerian Army is trained by Bundeswehr units. Two further properties in Nigeria are already in the planning stage.
Christian Wessels, Managing Director of Sunray Ventures says: "One of the main difficulties affecting Africa's economic development so far is the lack of a comprehensive and stable energy supply. The interruption of cold chains, the undersupply of schools and hospitals with energy and the general unreliability of the energy supply represent an insurmountable hurdle for companies and foreign investors. This supply gap can be systematically closed by feeding solar energy into local networks. With the help of the long-term partnership with Bundeswehr camps in Nigeria, we are securing our investment in the long term. Here we want to point out a path that can be exemplary for whole Africa and should serve as a model for the entire continent."
Stuart Brannigan, Managing Director of the official supplier of AEG PV modules, Solar Solutions GmbH says: "AEG high-performance modules were deployed in the framework of the cooperation between Germany and Nigeria as part of the basic equipment of three Bundeswehr projects. We at Solar Solutions are proud that the project stakeholders could rely on our product quality and on the valuable service of our partner Daystar Power and chose to deploy AEG solar modules".
Daystar Power is a pan-African electricity company specializing in the generation of solar energy, with a focus on medium and small-scale solar systems (20KWp to 2 MWp). The plants are either sold or leased to customers. The user benefits from cost savings against payment of a monthly fee, from ensuring a stable power supply, emission-free energy production and the associated energy management of the operator. Unlike many other international solar companies, Daystar Power focuses on small, local technical units that provide a high level of service.Sunray Ventures is a Venture Builder with locations in Frankfurt, Dubai and Lagos, which was founded to identify economically attractive and high impact opportunities that address core growth sectors with a focus on renewable energy and circular economy in Africa and the Middle East. Sunray Ventures is focusing on building and scaling high-growth companies which generate profit, whilst creating environmental and socio-economic impact in their respective industries.
Addressing Africa's opportunities and needs, Sunray Ventures operates two clean-tech businesses, the electricity supplier Daystar Power and the recycling company Green Compass Recycling. Sunray Ventures' activities span the African and Middle Eastern region with an initial focus on key countries that promise superior returns due to their demographic and economic development, as well as political and legal stability.
Source: Daystar Power
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