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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Portable solar powered smart classroom

When you think of a school, what comes to your mind? A long structure with individual classes where teachers and students are sitting on bench or table-chair. When you think of a training center, what then? Participants gathered in a place where the trainer is showing something on a projector. Light of Hope have come up with a product called 'Sputnique' - short for 'Smart Projection Unit - Unique'. Imagine a teacher carrying everything that a typical multimedia classroom set up has in a standard backpack. She can take the class with multimedia projector literally anywhere - under a tree or anyplace in a village where children can come. Weighing less than 6 kg it can be carried anywhere. A computing stick instead of laptop, an energy efficient projector, sound box, battery backup, solar system backup - everything connected with the 'Sputnique Magic Box.'
Light of Hope is an award winning social enterprise that makes learning interesting, engaging and fun for children around the world. The portable classroom is ideal for off grid communities with no access to electricity in order to power smart boards and computer equipment. The equipment is powered by a roll up solar panel allowing the classroom to be taken anywhere including extremely remote areas.
Each portable classroom consists of a back pack containing a projector with charger and cable, two bluetooth speakers, a computer stick, power bank, solar panel, USB hub and specially designed projection screen.
For more information see the IDTechEx report on Distributed Generation: Minigrid Microgrid Zero Emission 2018-2038.
Source and top image: Light of Hope
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