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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Solar powered furniture for smart cities

Australian furniture brand Sedi has created the next generation in smart, sustainable and solar powered urban furniture. Sedi uses state of the art technology to increase comfort, safety and usability whilst providing an attractive addition to outdoor areas. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Energy Harvesting Microwatt to Megawatt 2019-2029.
Sedi is completely powered by its integrated solar panels which charge the inbuilt battery. Multiple plugins are available so that users can relax and charge their devices through the furniture.
Lighting options are available for added safety and visual appeal at night.
Bespoke flexibility allows Sedi to meet individual customers needs whilst making individual technology options available. In built screens can also be added to display useful information for the public. WiFi connectivity can be added for convince of users especially when the furniture is placed in remote locations. The solar power furniture is ideal for use in parks, at bus stops, universities and shopping areas.
These smart shelters are built from sustainable timber and many of the structures are now undergoing three-month trials at various locations.
Source and images: Sedi
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