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Off Grid Energy Independence
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An inexhaustible power supply for wilderness survival

For many of us, the mobile phone has become the most essential tool in an emergency. But when it runs out of power, there's no way to call for help when you most need it. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Energy Harvesting Microwatt to Megawatt 2019-2029.
LifeSaber Personal Emergency Generator is a handy tool you can use to recharge your phone - at any time, indoor or out - with a simple, ergonomic motion that even a child can master providing an inexhaustible power supply for your cellphone. It takes 15 minutes using the simple twirling motion of a jump rope to generate a Quick Charge of 25mWh - sufficient to restart a dead cellphone. Or you can produce the required energy in 3 minutes by using your full forearm to 'powercrank' the LifeSaber. Simply shift the Force-Multiplier into high gear, matching the torque (resistance) to the strength you can comfortably apply. The PowerGrip™ handle features 5 degrees of motion.
The LifeSaber is a project of the Innovation Factory. The patent pending LifeSaber has been more than 3 years in development and is currently fundraising for production.
You can also recharge the LifeSaber from a wall outlet - or even a solar panel - so that the replaceable, high-capacity internal battery is always topped up.
The LifeSaber - which will power any USB device - also comes equipped with a built-in flashlight and lantern. In addition, there is a 'panic button' which triggers a blinding strobe & emergency siren (to scare off animal or human predators and to alert rescuers).
In addition to a phone, many of us would like to pack a variety of other powered safety devices - such as an electric fire-starter, weather radio, lantern, U/V water purifier, satellite messenger or even a stun gun. But these can be bulky and heavy (and individually expensive) because each incorporates its own battery, display and controls. LifeSaber solves the weight problem by being able to power all these devices.
LifeSaber an inexhaustible cellphone recharger and also functions as the hub for energizing custom accessories. These snap-in tools are compact, lightweight, reliable - and less expensive - because there are no redundant parts. Two snap-in modules- an electronic firestarter and UV water purifier are currently under development.
Source and top image: Innovation Factory/ Lifesaber
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