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Tidal energy company applies to provide clean, predictable power

Nova Innovation has applied to develop a tidal energy array in Petit Passage, in the Bay of Fundy area of Nova Scotia. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Wave, Tidal and Hydro Power 1W-10MW 2018-2038.
The project will use Nova's 100kW turbines which have been operating in Scotland for over three years. The smaller turbines differ in scale to the large turbines proposed in other tidal projects - they reduce engineering, financial and environmental risk, and are better matched to produce value for the strong local supply chain located in Nova Scotia.
The carefully phased plan will see the first device deployed in 2020 and operated to build understanding and confidence of performance and environmental effects. The operation and monitoring will be undertaken in consultation with public and statutory consultees, before proceeding with subsequent phases of the project.
The plans will see Nova build its world-leading technology in Nova Scotia creating new green jobs and establishing Nova's North American manufacturing centre in the province. It will also reinforce the region's reputation as a world leading centre in the development of tidal energy, as governments and international bodies strive for cleaner, greener ways to produce energy.
In 2016, Nova successfully delivered the world's first offshore tidal array at its site in Shetland, Scotland.
In 2018, Nova worked with Tesla to add energy storage to its tidal technology. This created the world's first baseload tidal power station with the ability to deliver constant, steady-state power and deliver energy on demand to meet consumer needs.
Simon Forrest, CEO at Nova Innovation said: "We have been working for a number of years towards developing a tidal energy project in Nova Scotia. If approved, this project will help place Nova Scotia at the forefront of the industry, positioning the province as a global leader and centre of excellence in tidal energy. In addition, the region will benefit from the creation of skilled jobs with Nova and in the wider supply chain. Nova have a strong track record in collaboration and successful project delivery and look forward to working with stakeholders to deliver this exciting project."
A 30-day consultation on the application started on 30 September 2019. For further information, visit the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines website.
For more information or to request an interview, please contact:
UK: Amy Bodey (+44 7387 140781) or Freddie Palmer (+44 7741 742613) at Social Communications or email
Canada: Bill Turpin on +1 902 489 6143
About Nova Innovation
Nova is an award-winning global leader in tidal energy. They design, build and operate tidal turbines that generate electricity from the natural ebb and flow of the tide.
Their underwater turbines have zero visual impact and work in harmony with the marine environment, with no barriers or barrages. The technology can be installed in deep water, shallow water, estuaries and large rivers; creating a global opportunity for this vast untapped market.
Nova is passionate about having a cleaner environment and reducing the need for fossil fuels, for current and future generations. They aim to be the world's leading tidal energy technology company.
Founded in 2010, Nova have offices in Scotland, Wales and Canada with over 30 staff.
Ian Marchant became Nova's Chairman in 2013. Ian was previously the CEO of SSE plc, one of the UK's leading utilities, and he is currently also the Chairman of Thames Water plc.
In 2016, Nova installed the world's first offshore tidal array - three turbines located in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. The turbines have been generating clean electricity and exporting to the grid for over three years.
In 2018, Nova partnered with Tesla to add energy storage to their tidal technology. This created the world's first grid connected baseload tidal power station.
  • 2016: prestigious Judges Award at the Green Energy Awards
  • 2017: Shell Springboard award for low-carbon innovation
  • 2018: European Commission's European SME of the Year
  • 2018: 'Outstanding Project' at the Green Energy Awards
More information can be found at External Link
Source: Nova Innovation
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