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Certification for Wave Roller

AW-Energy Oy, a leader in near-shore wave energy, has today received its certification by Lloyd's Register (LR) for its WaveRoller® device. It has been awarded following previous certifications by LR through the Technology Qualification certificate process laid out in DNV-OSS-312 Certification of Tidal and Wave Energy Converters. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Wave, Tidal and Hydro Power 1W-10MW 2018-2038.
The certificate was presented in person by LR's Senior Vice President of Innovation and Renewables, Tristan Chapman, to Sami Tuhkanen, Chairperson of AW-Energy on January 16, 2020.
"We are delighted with the certification for our WaveRoller® technology," says Tuhkanen. "It reflects the journey we have taken from just a few years ago when LR awarded us our Technology Qualification Certificate for our WaveRoller® design, and the first ocean energy converter to reach this level of validation by LR. The level of involvement with LR on our technology for the renewables industry has been very thorough and a valuable process to validate our key goals in safety, reliability and availability for the unit. We are delighted with today's news which will open the door for wide scale commercial deployment in the UK and worldwide."
Working to rigorous technical standards in collaboration with LR, AW-Energy committed to follow best practice from corresponding industries. It has helped to secure the first-of-a-kind grid connection with the WaveRoller® device deployed off the coast of Peniche in Portugal.
LR's Chapman says: "The technology that AW-Energy has developed pushes the boundaries with exciting results. Deriving energy from the ocean provides a sustainable way to develop grid-compatible power in many locations around the world. An important step in scaling the solution is to manage the risks and evidence that technology will achieve its objectives and perform how it's meant to. We're pleased LR could deliver this confidence to AW-Energy through our goal-based Technology Qualification process."
WaveRoller® is a near-shore wave energy converter, mounted to the seabed with a panel that oscillates with the wave surge. It paves the way to commercialisation for the wave energy industry and with ongoing projects in Europe and Asia, AW-Energy expects to see rapid growth for its product as governments, operators and energy policy strive for cleaner and more sustainable power generation solutions ahead of this year's global COP26 in Glasgow, UK.
Christopher Ridgewell, CEO, AW-Energy, highlights: "Cooperation with strong industrial partners such as LR made this possible. It helped our team ensure excellence in critical areas and gives us the confidence to now deliver functional wave energy technology. The device combines advances in software, power control, and storage making it a highly attractive commercial proposition for operators."
Source and top image: AW-Energy Oy
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