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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Low Cost Intensifying Solar Panels

ISP Solar is a developer of renewable energy solutions, founded by a group of renowned Canadian inventors and social entrepreneurs. ISP has patented a breakthrough solar-technology to create a low-cost, carbon-free energy solution in the form of an energy-intensifying solar panel system. ISP is targeting its solution to be the lowest cost option for solar panels available by replacing expensive silicon with affordable mirrors (using 1/20th of the regular PV panels). For more information see the IDTechEx report on Energy Harvesting Microwatt to Megawatt 2019-2029.
The innovation uses immobile solar collectors incorporating conic reflective troughs that multiply the sun's rays by 20 times, resulting in a lower cost alternative to traditional solutions, while improving performance. ISP Solar claims it is the world's first energy-intensifying solution that can be deployed in both utility-scale and rooftop systems by eliminating the need for heavy, expensive and unreliable tracking systems. ISP's patent pending technology delivers an encapsulated solar module that uses 1/20th of the PV cells of traditional panels.
ISP panels use single junction monocrystalline silicon deployed as arrays, with patent-pending processes that deliver efficiency close to multi junction cells.By using 1/20th of the PV cells, ISP's solution significantly reduces the carbon footprint of a solar power plant.
ISP's proprietary solar arrays are modified at the company's thin film laboratory to improve collector performance and increase efficiency. The technologically advanced solar array is achieved by refining existing solar cells by changing the design of the collector lines and adding to their current carrying capability. ISP has developed a novel method of attaching large conductors to the solar cells using a multi-layer deposition method that reduces loss due to resistance. Solar cells on ISP's unique array are also spatially aligned with a low degree of wastage resulting in increased packing density and a corresponding efficiency boost.
ISP modules come with a full 25-year guarantee. The product is expected to begin delivery in the summer of 2020.
Source and images: ISP Solar
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