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External Company Press Release

Clean Energy Social, Online Community for the Clean Energy Industry

Clean Energy Social recently launched its online platform, a professional network for the clean energy industry, bringing all industry stakeholders together in a single online community.
Clean Energy Social is dedicated to helping clean energy companies solve their hiring challenges, providing current and aspiring clean energy professionals with avenues for career growth, and promoting clean energy non-profits and educational institutions to help facilitate these solutions. For further information on clean energy see the IDTechEx report on Distributed Generation: Off-Grid Zero-Emission kW-MW 2020-2040.
"Reports from The Solar Foundation and other organizations have highlighted the recruiting and hiring challenges facing clean energy companies," stated Jesse Truax, Founder and CEO of Clean Energy Social ."The clean energy industry is not attracting enough talent from other industries, and many applicants do not have the education and/or skills required for the positions that are available. With a decade of experience in customer acquisition in the solar industry, bringing together tens of thousands of solar contractors with interested homeowners, Mr. Truax was determined to use the insights he gained over that period and apply it to the hiring and career development challenges facing the clean energy industry ./ "Clean Energy Social provides clean energy companies with the opportunity to tell their unique clean energy stories, in order to attract and retain the best talent. We're also partnering with clean energy education and skills development programs, in order to promote the career growth of professionals in our industry, as well as using customer acquisition strategies to attract professionals currently in oil and gas, financial services, and other industries to join us, as the clean energy industry anticipates exponential growth in the coming years and decades," Truax continued.
A Solution for the Challenges Facing Clean Energy Companies
Clean energy companies can create a free company page on Clean Energy Social. In fact, there is a good chance your company may already be on the site, which currently features nearly 3,000 companies. Once registered, companies can describe their clean energy impact, outline their mission, highlight the benefits they offer, and showcase employee testimonials. When they post a job on Clean Energy Social, it's not simply a job description, it's a story about why a potential candidate should work for their company.
Like many clean energy employers, Truax has posted a good share of jobs over the years on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other sites. "While we would sometimes receive a lot of applicants, it wouldn't be cheap, and the quality of candidates we were receiving was poor. One of the primary goals of Clean Energy Social is to inform professionals about the skills and knowledge required for job openings in the clean energy industry and point them in the direction of our educational partners, if needed, leading to a much higher quality of applicant." Truax said.
If the first couple of weeks are a sign, Mr. Truax may be on to something. Over 1,000 professionals have created an account on Clean Energy Social and over 20,000 professionals have signed up for its weekly jobs list update email. "We expect these numbers to continue to grow quickly, but we're excited about the levels of interest that professionals have to work in our industry."
Career Growth Opportunities for Clean Energy Professionals After creating a free account, current and aspiring clean energy professionals can showcase their background on a site dedicated to the industry they are passionate about. Professionals can research company missions, cultures, and benefits, allowing them to focus on companies that fit their career goals. They can easily research education opportunities, whether it be degree programs, continuing education, or skills development. They can discover non-profit volunteer and board opportunities, which many clean energy professionals have utilized for career growth. An added benefit that many professionals will appreciate is the opportunity to network with other professionals interested in clean energy, whether that be career-related or finding partners, business development opportunities, and more.
Truax ended, "Ten years ago, I wanted nothing more than to join the clean energy industry. It almost didn't happen for me. There were no resources for clean energy job opportunities and I had no idea where to start. I don't feel a lot has changed in that regard since then, and I've been left to wonder about how many great candidates our industry has lost as a result. With Clean Energy Social, we're going to make sure we change that."
Clean Energy Social media contact: Jesse Truax 720-808-8216
Source: Clean Energy Social
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