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Multi-key harvesting batteryless remote control

Arveni demonstrated the first infra-red, single button harvesting, batteryless TV remote control in November 2009 for IPTV provider SFR. This batteryless remote has been chosen by the Museum of Science of Paris, as one of the 10 worldwide most significant innovations in 2009 and is now on show at the Tech Galerie.
Arveni has worked in close contact with industrial companies from the sector in designing the next generation of green remote control to be compact, economic and to have energetically efficient multiple key harvesting combined with specific AC/DC and DC/DC electronics. Arveni designed the mechanical and electronic interfaces for the AR01 energy harvester was. The radio is bidirectional and IEE805.15.4 compliant and was designed by their partner company Wytek, a start-up expert in wireless.
Arveni, a start-up incorporated in 2007, has won awards for "Best emerging technology" in 2006 and "Best development" in 2008. They have a portfolio of 9 patents with two pending and their products use renewable energy for wireless applications such as remote controls, switches, home automation, metering and industrial sensors.
Credit: Arveni
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