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Off Grid Energy Independence
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External Company Press Release

CAP-XX to Speak at Energy Harvesting Europe 2010 & Sensors Expo 2010

Mr. Pierre Mars, vice president of quality and applications engineering for CAP-XX Ltd, will speak at both the IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe and Sensors Expo conferences on the power management challenges of battery-free wireless sensor networks (WSNs) powered by environmentally-harvested energy. Such WSNs are commonly used in environmental monitoring, building automation, location tracking, industrial controls and other condition-monitoring systems.
Using environmentally-harvested energy can eliminate batteries and the associated replacement effort and costs. However, environmental energy sources such as piezoelectric, vibration, photovoltaic, and RF are typically low power, and therefore fall short providing the peak power needed to relay data across wireless networks such as IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee), 802.11 (WLAN) or GSM/GPRS. Supercapacitors can bridge this power gap, storing energy converted from an energy harvester at low power, and then delivering the bursts of power needed for wireless transmission.


Pierre Mars, VP of quality and applications engineering for CAP-XX, is a published authority on power management architectures for space-constrained electronics devices. He jointly holds three patents on supercapacitor applications and has held executive and technical management positions at Racal Defence Electronics, Chubb Electronic Security, CAE Pty Ltd and Honeywell Industrial Control. He is also a member of the IEEE.


At IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe in Munich, Germany, May 26 - 28:
Mr. Mars was invited to teach the role of supercapacitors in the Energy Storage master class on Friday, May 28 at 2:15p.m. Led by the IDTechEx CEO and chief analyst, Raghu Das, this master class will assess the options for energy storage, including batteries (thin film, flexible and secondary batteries will be covered), supercapacitors (also known as ultracapacitors) and super-cabatteries. (
At Sensors Expo in Rosemont, IL, June 7 - 9:
In the June 7 Pre-Conference Symposium, "Power Management: Energy Harvesting and Storage," Mr. Mars was also invited to teach the role of supercapacitors, "Bridging the Power Gap between Energy Harvesters and Peak-Power Applications Using Supercapacitors." Moderated by industry expert Randy Frank, the session will explore energy harvesting technologies, and other system aspects such as high efficiency, low-power microcontrollers, wireless connectivity and advanced batteries. (
On June 9 in the energy-harvesting track, Mr. Mars will also present "Using a Small Solar Cell for Harvesting and a Supercapacitor for Power Management in a Wireless Sensor." (


Sydney, Australia-based CAP-XX develops thin, flat supercapacitors for space-constrained electronic devices. Supercapacitors resolve the performance limitations of batteries and other current-limited power supplies, and provide backup power if the primary power source fails.
CAP-XX supercapacitors, which are also licensed to manufacturing partner Murata, enable manufacturers to make smaller, thinner, longer-running and more feature-rich devices such as camera phones, solid state drives, handheld PCs and battery-free condition-monitoring systems using the company's BritePowerTM architectures. CAP-XX is listed on the Alternative Investment Markets (AIM) in London. For more information, visit or email
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