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Posted on January 25, 2021 by  & 
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New Vibration Energy Harvesting Generators From Xidas

Replacing batteries in IoT devices is the number one problem limiting the exponential adoption of the Internet of Things. This is driving significant developments in ultra-low power microprocessors, new IoT-centric communication standards, 'always awake' smart sensors, and energy harvesting. Xidas revolutionizes energy harvesting for Industrial IoT by releasing the industry's first high-power-output, vibration-based energy harvester (the VEG series) in a small footprint with prices similar to industrial batteries.
There are thousands of machines that vibrate when operating, and until now there has not been a practical vibration energy harvesting solution that generates the required power at a cost similar to industrial batteries. Xidas has spent over two years working in partnership with the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to address and develop a commercial solution to resolve this problem for IoT. The VEG series completely eliminates the cost and headaches that end-users face with battery replacements and encourages wider acceptance and adoption of wireless sensing solutions for applications like machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
"There's a good amount of energy coming off of machines via their vibrations, might as well capture that and use it to power the wireless sensors being used to monitor their condition." states Paul Dhillon, CEO of Xidas. "The value triangle of our Vibration Energy Harvesting Generators (VEG) makes the product an ideal replacement to standard batteries for IoT wireless sensors—high power output (at the low vibration profiles of machines) combined with small size and affordability. Typical energy harvesting solutions can't generate the appropriate amount of power or are simply too expensive to be used for a large wireless sensor network... until now!"
Work with Xidas today and get this technology integrated with your wireless sensors. Offer customers a solution that doesn't require expensive and tedious battery replacements every 1-2 years. To buy now, please visit or contact Sourabh Dhillon at!
About Xidas IoT
Xidas leverages its breakthrough patented technologies and multi-disciplinary expertise to design and produce edge solutions that combine intelligence, zero-power (energy harvesting), sensor fusion and integration. Xidas is a proud partner of the US National Science Foundation for IoT innovation and was one of five companies to testify in front of US Congress on the value of IoT technologies. Our products are first of their kind and shatter the conventional limitations that hold back the potential of a society powered by IoT. To learn more, please visit or contact Sourabh Dhillon at
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