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EnOcean reaps recognition

The IDTechEx Energy Harvesting Award 2010 has been presented to EnOcean for its development in the field of thermoelectric energy use.
EnOcean, developer of self-powered wireless technology, has won the prize for "Best development in the field of energy harvesting" awarded by IDTechEx, an independent market research and consulting enterprise. The award goes to the company with the best energy harvesting product developed in the last 24 months. The jury awarded the prize to EnOcean for the technical advantages and market potential of its product compared to other entrants.
Making effective use of temperature differences
EnOcean impressed the jury with its advances in energy conversion by means of a thermoelectric converter (ECT 300), which enables direct production of electricity from temperature differences - on warm parts of machinery for instance, heating radiators or even the human body. For this purpose a circuit was developed that converts a small voltage - from 20 mV upwards - into useful voltage of 3 V for example, which is enough to power a wireless sensor.
"We're naturally very proud of receiving this international award", said Armin Anders, VP product marketing and co-founder of EnOcean. "It's not only recognition of our product innovation but it is also evidence that our energy harvesting wireless technology has gained an international footing", concluded Anders.
The prize was presented during the Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2010 international conference and exhibition in Munich.
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