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Off Grid Energy Independence
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ADS-TEC Large Scale Storages Stabilise Swiss Power Grid

In Graubünden, a new 1.25 megawatt large-scale battery has put into operation since March. At the beginning of 2020, the largest Swiss indoor battery with 1.35 megawatts was connected to the grid in Thurgau. Both storage power plants support Swissgrid with primary and secondary control energy, stabilize local grids and serve to avoid peak loads. Additional money can be earned with system services.
The further expansion of renewable energies is leading to greater fluctuations in the power grids. The Swiss energy industry is facing this challenge. Two innovative energy supply companies therefore invested in large battery power plants from ADS-TEC. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage 2021-2031.
Since March 26, the new large-scale storage of Rhiienergie AG in Graubünden has been in operation at the Vial substation in Domat/Ems. The 7.5 meter long container contains 1.25 megawatts of power and 1.3 megawatt hours of capacity. Rhiienergie is equipping itself for the planned smart grid expansion and the decentralized energy future. After a realization period of only ten months, the plant passed all required tests for operation at the first attempt.
In Arbon on Lake Constance, a large-scale storage system with 1.35 megawatts of power and 1.5 megawatt hours of total gross capacity has been ensuring smooth operation of the distribution and transmission grids for more than a year at Arbon Energie AG. The system was integrated into an existing building. In Arbon, it has been shown that a peak load reduction of up to 7% can be achieved. In addition, valuable experience is being gained for the supply of renewable electricity to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Arbon Energie is already thinking about expanding the battery, because the project is not only exciting, but also interesting from an economic point of view.
ADS-TEC has been able to gain experience with large-scale storage systems for many years. As a pioneer in battery technology, the company can already look back on more than 200 megawatt hours of installed battery capacity. The two Swiss storage power plants were conceived by egrid applications & consulting GmbH from Kempten. In cooperation with ADS-TEC, optimally designed individual storage solutions were built, on which egrid could ideally base its higher-level control system as an energy management system for the customer. Several successful projects have already been realized together, such as the 3 megawatt award-winning "Schwarmspeicher Allgäu" in the Allgäu region. Based on this experience, the implementation in Arbon took less than nine months, from initial planning to put into operation. In Domat/Ems it was not even longer, despite Corona-related limitations.
Integrating battery power plants effectively into supply grids and developing business models within the regulatory framework requires a great deal of expertise and experience. This is confirmed by egrid Managing Director Bernhardt Rindt: "Designing storage projects and getting the best out of them for our customers is our strength. Today, this is best done together with strong partners."
Thomas Speidel, CEO of ADS-TEC, is also pleased and says: "It is becoming increasingly apparent that decentralized energy storage systems are taking on an essential role in the grid, which they deserve."
ADS-TEC - Technology for Professionals - 100% Made in Germany
ADS-TEC Energy GmbH is a company of ADS-TEC group, and is part-owned by BOSCH. The medium-sized, family-run business is headquartered in Nuertingen near Stuttgart, with a production site near Dresden.
ADS-TEC Energy GmbH is drawing on its decades of experience with lithium-ion technologies to produce battery storage solutions and fast charging systems, including the corresponding energy management systems. The technology can be used in private homes, public buildings and commercial enterprises, with solutions starting at a storage capacity of 19 kilowatt-hours. The scalable battery storage systems enable industrial and infrastructure solutions as well as self-sufficient energy supply systems with capacities of up to several megawatts. Its new fast charging technology for electric vehicles is truly ground-breaking, and features a unique compact design.
An exceptional high integration depth enables high quality and functionality of the produced battery technology. Apart from the cells, all our components are developed and produced in-house.
The CEO of ads-tec Holding GmbH, Thomas Speidel, is also Managing Director of ads-tec Energy GmbH and President of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES) e.V., based in Berlin. Through its involvement in government-funded projects across Germany at both national and regional level, ADS-TEC maintains close relations with companies and research institutions throughout the entire value chain.
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Source: ADS-TEC Energy GmbH
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