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Green Hydrogen Contributes to Global Carbon-Neutral

Green Hydrogen Contributes to Global Carbon-Neutral
Hydrogen, as one of the world's most environmentally friendly energy sources, is slowly being integrated into human society. At present, the global annual output of hydrogen is about 70 million tons, and the market size is about 100 billion U.S. dollars. Asia is the largest hydrogen energy market, accounting for nearly half of the entire market, reaching 48%; industrial companies are the largest user group, with more than 80% of the demand coming from the refining and chemical industries.
Plenty of governments and institutions worldwide are striving to achieve carbon neutral, and using renewable energy to electrolyze water to produce "green hydrogen" is the most optimized solution. Direct current is applied to the electrolyzer filled with electrolyte, and the water molecules undergo electrochemical reaction on the electrodes, which can be decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen. The entire process is zero-emission. As the global demand for "green hydrogen" grows, megawatt-level hydrogen production projects emerge one after another. For further information see the IDTechEx report on The Hydrogen Economy, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Production Methods.
The appearance of Angstrom's 2.5MW containerized single-stack hydrogen production system has made a great contribution to "green hydrogen production and global carbon neutral". This system adopts advanced alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production patented technology, the total footprint only occupies 2 of 40ft containers (1 40ft and 2 20ft), and the system can be modularized to 10MW/100MW or even larger module scales. The system comes with a 500Nm3/h hydrogen capacity, purity can reach 99.999% after purification, and the maximum output pressure is 1.6MPa. The entire system only takes about 2-3 weeks to be installed, which is 80% less than traditional hydrogen plants. Moreover, the system can work outdoor directly with low construction cost.
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