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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Off Grid Energy Independence
Posted on August 18, 2010 by Tessa Henderson

Harvesting energy from rivers to power small devices

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Daniel Hull, an Australian industrial designer based in Melbourne, has designed a portable hydro turbine with the aim of providing cheap renewable energy using water.
The turbine is dubbed the Vena Microhydro System and according to the designer is a complete system for harvesting and storing electricity from rivers whilst remaining portable and easy to set up.
All components are stored in a backpack case and the system features an anchor, generator, turbine and battery pack for storing and releasing energy. The anchor ensures that the other elements sit securely in the widest range of river conditions and is collapsible when not in use. The turbine is inspired by kites and pinwheels and the blades can be rolled up to transport the system.
Even if the battery hasn't been actively charged, it still holds a significant amount of energy, allowing independence from the power grid with an infinite renewable energy source says Hull.
The Vena Microhydro System is easily carried and ideal for use whilst camping and tramping, for charging small gadgets and lighting. ETH Zurich has a micro solar airplane project.
Credit and images: Daniel Hull
Tessa Henderson

Authored By: Tessa Henderson

Posted on: August 18th 2010