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Off Grid Energy Independence
Posted on October 20, 2010 by  &  with 1 Comment

Wind powered heater and cooker

In this year's International Interior Design Association Awards Competition, Korean designer Jihae Kim's "wind heater" was shortlisted from entries from more than 4000 participants. The competition was organized by Designboom in collaboration with Incheon metropolitan city.
Kim's wind heater was created to reduce the rate at which trees are being burned in the desert and the project aims to utilize wind power to give the people an alternative way to heat their homes.
According to the designer it is expected that half of all our land will end up as deserts due to desertification although planting programmes are aiming to prevent this. The easiest way to keep warm during cold nights is to make a fire with the existing trees, but Kim feels this problem can be solved with technology.
There is a lot of wind in the desert which can be used to power a heating system. Kim's unique concept consists of a mini wind turbine, a wind energy accumulator, a ventilator, a cooking range, heater and a heating system. Although still at the concept stage, this wind powered heater and cooker would be ideal for rural people in third world countries to use instead of chopping down trees.
Source and images: Designboom
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