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GDG to Make Waves in the Japanese Offshore Wind Market

GDG to Make Waves in the Japanese Offshore Wind Market
Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions (GDG), founded in Dublin in 2011, is furthering their global expansion with a new venture into the Japanese market to support them in achieving the ambitious offshore wind targets set out by the Japanese Government in the Basic Energy Plan.
The development of offshore wind farms in Japan brings some unique challenges, such as earthquakes, typhoons and unusual geological formation. In this new collaboration, GDG will combine their unique expertise in offshore engineering and geoscience with the local Japanese knowledge of Geo Marine Service Co., Ltd and Nikken Sekkei Ltd, to offer unparalleled survey specification, wind turbine foundation design and certification process support to the Japanese market.
Speaking at the recent signing of a Memorandums Of Understanding (MOU) between the partners, Paul Doherty, Founder of GDG and Executive Vice President of Engineering at Venterra Group, said "The GDG team are experts at finding innovative engineering solutions to support some of the most challenging offshore wind projects around the world and we look forward to building on our current base of foundation design projects in Japan. We're delighted to partner with Japanese organisations who hold invaluable local knowledge of the marine regulatory regime, grid and development procedures. Together, we are committed to supporting projects that contribute to the global sustainability agenda."
To date, GDG has supported 35,000MW of offshore wind globally, that's enough energy to power approximately 25 million homes. They are leaders in geotechnical engineering design and have already expanded to the UK, EU and the US. They will bring their unique capabilities to their latest target, Japan.
The Basic Energy Plan, issued by the Japanese Government, has set a target of 45,000MW of offshore wind by 2040 and will go some way to helping Japan achieve its decarbonisation targets, as well as the growing need to reduce energy costs for consumers. However, the Japanese service supply chain required to make this happen has not been sufficiently established.
Ken Yoshizumi, Representative Director, Geo Marine Service Co., Ltd, explains, "Our aim is to offer solutions for these challenges through combining our extensive experience in onshore wind with GDG and Nikken Sekkei Ltd, who can introduce the latest international technologies and knowhow. We are fully committed to supporting the needs of the Japanese market through competitive foundation design work, which is of major importance in the development of offshore wind farms."
About Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions
Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions (GDG) are specialist engineering consultants offering advice, consultancy support and engineering expertise to offshore wind projects around the world. With a foundation in geoscience and geotechnical engineering, their expertise has grown to include foundation design, cable engineering and marine civil infrastructure design. They are committed to supporting projects that contribute to the global sustainability agenda.
About Geo Marine Services Co Ltd
Geo Marine Services Co Ltd is a consortium formed from 4 parties - CSS Corporation Co., Ltd, Wakachiku Construction Co., Ltd, Toko Electrical Construction Co., Ltd. and Nippon Geotechnology Inc. It aims to be a service integrator bringing together all expertise needed to deliver an offshore wind farm at the development stage.
About Nikken Sekkei
Nikken Sekkei is one of the largest global design offices with engineering capabilities for high rise structures and landmark buildings across the APAC. They also have extensive experience with onshore wind farm seismic design and certification in Japan. Nikken Sekkei has a long-established relationship with Class NK and have worked widely with the onshore wind team of global wind turbine OEMs to provide seismic upgrades and other tower reinforcements for Japanese projects.
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Source and top image: Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions
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