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Bosch acquires control of solar subsidiary

Ventizz Capital Fund III, L.P. and Ventizz Capital Fund IV, L.P. have sold their minority interest of on an aggregate basis 49.9% in the former ersol Thin Film GmbH to Robert Bosch GmbH. Ersol Thin Film GmbH has in the meantime been renamed into Bosch Solar Thin Film GmbH. The two Ventizz funds invested in the ersol Thin Film GmbH in February 2008 as part of growth financing.
Starting in August 2008, Ventizz has sold in several tranches all of its interests in ersol Solar Energy AG to Robert Bosch GmbH. In connection with this transaction, the participants entered into an option agreement for the interest in ersol Thin Film GmbH. The underlying options were exercised as of December 31, 2010. ersol Solar Energy AG, which in the meantime had been fully acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH, has been called Bosch Solar Energy AG since 2009.
This transaction, which was a great economic success, is the first exit for both Ventizz Capital Fund III, L.P. and also for Ventizz Capital Fund IV, L.P.
Source: Ventizz
top image source: Bosch
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