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Off Grid Energy Independence
Posted on April 22, 2011 with 1 Comment

Backpack harvests energy from walking

Singapore designer Joel Lim YM has created the Alppac energy harvesting backpack as his final year project at Temasek Polytechnic. The objective was to create a backpack that is able to generate a substantial amount of electricity to power/charge electronic devices on the go and also to provide a solution for the negligence in having a first aid kit among hikers, due to the lack of space.
The designer's target market was hikers, field researchers or individuals looking for an alternative way of charging their electronics
According to the designer, Alppac works on a suspended load mechanism to produce electricity to charge electronics. By using a suspended load mechanism it utilises the existing weight of the backpack to produce electrical energy, therefore using an existing untapped source of energy. As the user walks he forms an inverted pendulum which traces out a vertical excursion of approximately 5cm. The backpack load which is attached to the body undergoes the same vertical excursion thus generating electricity. As the load plate moves down a toothed rack rubs along the pinion generator producing electricity. A connector transmits electricity from the day pack to the main pack.
Designated first aid storage allows users to easily locate first aid kit without having to open main compartment and the first aid kit has transparent pockets. There is also a removable day pack for lighter hiking options.
Source and images: Joel Lim YM