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Wind and solar to charge power assisted bikes

ULVAC, Inc has announced that it has developed and launched a battery charging system for power-assisted bicycles by integrating a small wind power generator and a solar power generator, as renewable energy sources, and a battery charger. ULVAC will install the power-assisted bicycle charging station, named the "Hybrid Cycle Pit," beside the baseball field in Chigasaki City Park, Japan. Chigasaki City will put the charging station into service in July 10, 2011.
The "Hybrid Cycle Pit" charging system is composed of a 1.6 kW solar power generator, a small 1.0 kW wind power generator (upwind, horizontal axis, propeller type), a battery pack containing a lithium-ion secondary battery, a charging and discharging control system, and a battery charger. The solar power generator has eight solar cell modules on the canopy of the battery charger in which bicycles are placed. With the ability to generate power from both solar and wind energy, and to store power in the secondary battery, this system can charge the batteries of up to five power-assisted bicycles, and a total of ten bicycles a day.
The same system has been installed by ULVAC in the Tsuruminenishi Community Center in Chigasaki City, and has been put into service by Chigasaki City on April 1, 2011.
Domestic shipments of power-assisted bicycles have been steadily increasing in recent years. Municipalities, parks, leisure facilities, and tourist spots are actively introducing power-assisted bicycles for rental. This has led to a need to develop and expand charging systems for utilizing power-assisted bicycles in larger areas. According to ULVAC it is essential that charging systems for power-assisted bicycles be designed to be environmentally-conscious products that use clean, renewable energy.
Source: ULVAC
Top image: IOL
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