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Energy generating dance floor at sustainable nightclub

In the fifth annual Hospitality Design Awards competition sponsored by Hospitality Design magazine, a design by Iowa State University senior interior design student Michael Goodsmith won first place in the student category with his conceptual designs for a sustainable nightclub.
Goodsmith's project, Estrella Sustainable Nightclub, renovates an existing structure in New York City's West Village into an eco-conscious nightclub with an energy-generating dance floor and other green features. Goodsmith searched real estate listings online for a site that met criteria he felt were critical to successful development, including a building with appropriate square footage and roof access for alternative energy sources, in a densely populated area with a mass transit system and established nightlife nearby.
"All design needs to be sustainably driven," Goodsmith said. "My career interests lie in events, entertainment and hospitality design. It's a fun, creative challenge to incorporate sustainability into those markets, where it's not yet common. No one thinks a nightclub should be sustainable, but why not?"
For example, a nightclub consumes a large amount of energy for lighting and music, Goodsmith said. So he incorporated renewable energy from three wildlife-friendly wind turbines and a piezoelectric dance floor which converts dancers' motion into electricity to power lighting and sound equipment.
Energy-efficient LEDs and a water wall that cools the dance-floor area also help reduce energy use. "The water wall acts both as a cooling system and as a projection screen where the club can project a meter that measures the level of electricity the dancers are producing. It's almost a motivator to dance harder. It could also be used for videos or light shows," Goodsmith said.
Source and image: Iowa State University
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