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Smartphone battery charged in 10 minutes

CEATEC is a comprehensive IT and electronics trade show where world-leading technologies, products and services are announced, and is currently being held in Tokyo, Japan.
At CEATEC, Japanese mobile provider NTT DOCOMO is exhibiting their concept smartphone jacket for ultra-high-speed battery charging which they claim can fully recharge a smartphone in 10 minutes, 15 times faster than conventional charging devices. The demonstration at CEATEC showed an amp meter connected to a standard charger together with one connected to NTT DOCOMO's concept charger, claiming that the standard charger pushed .55amps and DOCOMO's prototype pushed 5.86amps, more than 10.5 times the power of the standard charger.
The current prototype will only function with NEC's Medias Android smartphone which is available in Japan and there are not yet any details on when the device will reach the consumer market.
Source: Ceatec and NCC DOCOMO
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