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IMA Automation Berlin is now Mikron Berlin GmbH

After its successful acquisition by Swiss-based Mikron Holding AG in March 2012, IMA Automation Berlin GmbH is now part of the Mikron Automation Division. Management and workforce have transferred to the new company, named Mikron Berlin GmbH. The company will continue to offer the entire portfolio of rotary indexing systems and linear transfer systems, as well as its customer-related services, for the production of solar systems. At SNEC 2012, Mikron Berlin presents its well known "Modustringer" series realizing single-track throughput of 1,200 cells per hour. Also featured is the new "modu*contec" system based on the user-friendly system concept of modular production tools. Mikron Berlin exhibits in Booth 265, Hall E3.
Advanced Manufacturing Automation Solutions
Mikron Berlin is a vendor specializing in user-specific solutions for PV manufacturing, aiming at stringent cost degression models and heightened reliability. For more than 20 years the company has successfully marketed assembly automation systems for the automotive and electronics industries. In the last six years, the company has gained a significant lead in advanced manufacturing know-how for highly automated contacting systems for c-Si and thinfilm solar modules.
Despite the currently difficult market environment for the German solar industry, the company had a successful 2011 generating sales of EURO 11million, and it has kicked off the current financial year with a good level of orders on hand.
Mikron Berlin offers rotary indexing systems, which are servo-, or electro-mechanically controlled for the fast and secure assembly of smallest parts - at up to 80 cycles/min and up to 24 work stations - as well as linear transfer systems for the chaining and interlinking of complex processes for test and assembly of medium and larger parts at up to 250 cycles/min and a nearly unlimited number of workstations.
"Modustringer" Series for c-Si Modules
Introduced three years ago, the "Modustringer" fully automates the interconnecting of Si-based PV modules, realizing highest productivity levels. It features a single-track throughput of 1,200 cells per hour - almost doubling the prevailing numbers. "We can process real 1,200 cells - not cycles - per hour," says Andreas Nowak, General Manager of Mikron Berlin. A new "Modustringer" variant is shorter by one third - as well as lower in price. It features a simplified process flow and increased service friendliness. A glue-dispenser option aims for future solutions in the fully automatic stringing of Si-PV modules.
A significant achievement of the advanced "Modustringer" concept is the functional decoupling of tasks within its incoming process stations. Due to its autonomy in cell feeding, the 'Modustringer' keeps running for one hour without operator intervention.
"modu*contec" Series for Thinfilm PV Processing
The newly developed "modu*contec" fully automates the backside contacting process of thinfilm solar modules, up to the junction box connection. With this innovative product line, Mikron Berlin extends its product range aimed at thinfilm photovoltaics. "modu*contec" is based on a user-friendly system concept of modular production tools. Depending on the product's complexity, or customers' requirements, it can be configured as a flexible and scalable manufacturing automation solution with optimized transport flow characteristics or individual process control.
About Mikron Automation
Mikron Automation - a division of the Mikron Group - is one of the world's leading manufacturers of customized, highly productive automation solutions for high-precision assembly and testing of products up to hand-size. The division operates in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries as well as in the automotive component supply, and in the electronics, consumer goods, construction and solar industries. To date, more than 2,200 assembly and testing systems of Mikron have been installed. At its locations in Boudry (Switzerland, headquarters), Berlin (Germany), Denver (USA), Singapore and Shanghai (China), Mikron Automation employs a workforce of around 520.
About Mikron Berlin
As a new member of the Automation Division of the Biel, Switzerland, based Mikron Holding, Mikron Berlin GmbH continues as a leading vendor of advanced assembly automation solutions for photovoltaics manufacturing. The company's modular systems are configurable and adaptable to production requirements, ensuring dynamic processing, short cycle times and continuous production flows. Besides standard machines for stringing, lay-up and interconnect, Mikron Berlin delivers customer-specific turnkey systems for Si-based, as well as thinfilm photovoltaic modules.
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