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SolarPrint to enable next generation self powered wireless sensors

SolarPrint Limited a leading developer of high performance indoor energy harvesting technology today announced that it is to showcase the world's first self powered wireless CO2, Temperature and Humidity sensor using SolarPrint's Dye Sensitised Solar cell ("DSSC") technology as part of a joint collaboration with Analog Devices Incorporated (ADI) and Gas Sensing Solutions Limited (GSS).
The showcase is to take place at Europe's largest Energy Harvesting & Storage Exhibition at Berlin's Estrel Hotel from the 15th to 16th of May.
A unique aspect of SolarPrint's technology is the ability to tune the solar cell to maximise its performance in indoor light. This performance increase can provide as much as 40% more power being made available in very low lighting conditions indoors.
ADI worked with SolarPrint to provide the low-power, high-performance wireless networking technology that enables robust and long-range, yet very efficient, wireless communications. GSS partnered with SolarPrint to provide its low-power CO2 sensors using COZIR technology.
The benefit of working with ADI & GSS explains SolarPrint's Business Development Director and Co Founder Roy Horgan is "a recurring criticism of the industry is the lack of knowledge and awareness of how each component within a wireless sensor interacts with other components, from energy supply through to sensor element operation". Horgan continues; "SolarPrint's approach is that of a systems solution in place of individual component solutions. SolarPrint's deeper knowledge and understanding of solar cell interoperability with the power management and storage elements of the sensor has won us the recognition of both customers and fellow supply chain partners such as low-power wireless solutions provider Analog Devices and C02 sensor manufacturer Gas Sensing Solutions".
According to a recent forecast report from Pike Research, the deployment of energy harvesting will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 38% over the next few years, comprising a great diversity of consumer and industrial applications. These sales will translate into worldwide annual revenue from energy harvesting enabled devices of $9.5 billion in 2015.
Some key features of a SolarPrint enabled solution include
  • Increased functionality and fidelity of self powered sensors.
  • Multi-sensor and control applications such as CO2 air quality sensors, Presence Recognition Occupancy Sensors and Thermostats creating cost-effective wireless and maintenance-free networks.
  • More reliable sensors with increased performance in very low lighting conditions giving greater flexibility for device deployment.
SolarPrint Limited, Dublin, Ireland 2008, develops Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells (DSSC), a third-generation printable solar cell technology. SolarPrint's DSSC's have the potential to be adopted into a vast range of wireless devices which will provide significant cost savings by eliminating wired networks while addressing the need to replace or maintain batteries.
Further information is available at: External Link or contact or Follow Us on @SolarPrint.
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