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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Energy harvesting platform assesses feasibility of applications

Future Energy Solutions has released an exclusive design platform created to assess the feasibility of energy harvesting for customer applications.
To enable design engineers to gauge the feasibility of utilizing harvested energy to power appliances, Future Energy Solutions has created a development system that includes software to show the flow of harvested energy from the time of its capture to conversion and storage.
This unique tool assists customers seeking to embed energy harvesting solutions into their applications. Energy harvesting is the ability to gather energy around a device in order to power the device completely or partially from energy sources such as solar, temperature differential, kinetic energy and radio frequencies.
Building an energy harvesting solution requires an energy harvester, DC-DC circuit to charge a storage device, DC-DC for the application and the application itself. For example, a solar panel, the DC circuit to boost or decrease voltage to charge a super capacitor, the DC-DC to take the voltage from the super capacitor to supply a sensor and radio with the right voltage to operate. The Energy Harvesting Platform is unique in its ability to measure power across all stages of the power chain and log the data either directly to a PC or to an SD card. The real life data provided is crucial to determining the viability of each element in the power chain for use with the application.
"The ability to integrate energy harvesting into a product provides a unique selling point for our customers. Eliminating or prolonging the need for charging or battery replacement allows our customers to stand out from their competition. Our unique ability to bring in modular solutions on a design platform and measure real performance is extremely powerful," says Nathan Lee, Technical Sales Manager for Future Energy Solutions.
Suppliers featured in the kit include Illinois Capacitor, Micrel, NXP, and Sharp and will be further expanded to include more solutions in coming releases. "Multiple modules across each portion of the energy chain will be made available in the next releases in order to provide our customers with a modular approach to design in energy harvesting," according to Navin Gautam, System Design Engineer at the Montreal System Design Center.
Source and image: Future Energy Solutions
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