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ROI stories spark interest at the IDTechEx 2012

Leading German RTLS developer, nanotron Technologies, successfully showcased applications of its protect and find technology platforms at the IDTechEx Wireless Sensor Networks and RTLS Europe 2012 in Berlin. The presented applications included nanotron's RTLS and WSN technology within real time livestock management, airport security, assets and shipment tracking as well as wireless leak detection for the oil and gas industry. Their success reflects the company's strong technological foundation and its open business model of closely working and developing new products with business partners in specialised fields. nanotron's showcases revealed that the key to success in any market is a combination of leading technology and an attractive ROI.
nanotron Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jens Albers, explains, "We specialise in combining location awareness with sensors to target any application environment. The success of our applications is without a doubt due to our close cooperation with our strategic partners in specialised fields. In this way, we ensure that our products meet the highest ROI goals of our clients." He adds, "We look forward to working closely with new and current industry partners and are excited about creating new RLTS and WSN markets in the future."
Each application was presented with nanotron's business partners from specialised fields. These included MKW electronics GmbH - specialist in livestock management, Omnisense Ltd. - specialist in airport security, MECOMO AG - specialist in asset and shipment tracking and Wolftank Systems srl. - specialist in leak detection for the oil and gas industry.
nanotron's product portfolio targets system integrators, middleware providers and OEMs focusing on global vertical markets. nanotron promotes an open air-interface supporting ISO/IEC 24730-5:2010, the standard for global asset tracking and enables customers to sell their own vertical-specific tags.
About nanotron:
nanotron Technologies is a leading provider of wireless products that help to protect and find people, animals and valuable assets. They create highly accurate location information and energy-efficiently transmit data with a single, low-cost chip. nanotron's technology is patent-protected and follows ISO and IEEE standards for global asset tracking. nanotron's solutions are used in a wide range of applications and industry verticals including child safety in public places, livestock monitoring & management, mine safety, virtual fencing and transit yard management. nanotron's products are available on two distinct platforms: protect and find. The protect platform monitors proximity. The find platform locates people, animals and valuable assets. Both platforms create reliable and efficient visibility. nanotron supports its customers and channel partners to adapt the protect and find products to the needs of their vertical markets.
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