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Posted on August 16, 2012 by  & 
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City Labs makes first commercial tritium battery

The NanoTritium can travel into enemy territory, plunge to the bottom of the ocean and even settle into the human heart. And it keeps going, even through extreme temperatures and vibration, for 20 years or more.
Just the size of an adult's thumb, NanoTritium is a different kind of battery — and now it's available commercially. Homestead-based City Labs, the small high-tech company that created NanoTritium, says it's the first time such a power source has gone on sale to end-users — most likely companies — that don't have specialized training or separate regulatory approval. Florida International University alum Peter Cabauy and University of Miami alum Denset Serralta say their low-power battery can be used to run micro-electronics anywhere that's hard, dangerous or expensive to reach.
Think: sensors on deep-water oil drills, in medical devices implanted into the body, even hidden in a wall in a spy hangout. In fact, the company is already looking at the military applications for its product: City Labs has been awarded a $1 million Air Force contract for a higher-power, customized battery.
What makes the NanoTritium so resistant and long-lasting is the way it's made. This is a betavoltaic power source, meaning it's powered by a radioactive element. Whereas normal batteries are powered by chemical processes, the NanoTritium is powered by physical processes of one of the most benign radioisotopes: tritium.
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