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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Walking charger embedded in footwear

A Boston, USA, start-up called Energy Harvesters LLC is commercializing a personal electronics mobile power source called the Walking Charger™. The Walking Charger allows users to charge the batteries in their mobile electronics devices anytime, anywhere - just by walking. You can charge your Smartphone battery, for example, by walking for just a single hour wearing the Walking Charger device.
The Walking Charger is a small device that is embedded within OEM branded footwear products. Markets include consumer, commercial work boot, recreation and military applications. With the Walking Charger, consumers have an off-the-grid capability to charge portable electronic device batteries as they walk. Alternatively, the Walking Charger can also be used to provide direct and immediate power to a wide range of electronics such as footwear heaters or GPS locators without the need for batteries.
The Walking Charger has powerful environmental appeal. It gives users personal electric power without depending on the grid and without the waste management problems associated with battery disposal or recycling.
In its first product inception the Walking Charger™ is an integrated system for military footwear. The power output is anticipated to be up to 2.4 watts and 1 watt continuous at a normal walking pace of 5 km/hr (3.1 mph) able to provide battery charge within an hour, a 100X advancement on developing or deployed similar applications.
According to the creators, the Walking Charger has technological and practical superiority in terms of cost, power output, motion and reliability over other energy harvesting methods including dielectric elastomers, embedded electron charges, piezoelectrics and magnetos.
The company has demonstrated component prototypes to validate their technology and are seek funding to produce an advanced demonstrator as an integrated and cost reduced product.
Source: Energy Harvesters LLC
Top image: Daily Chapter
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