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IDTechEx co-locates Printed Electronics, Energy Harvesting & Storage

IDTechEx is co-locating the Printed Electronics and Energy Harvesting and Storage, Wireless Sensor Networks in Europe in 2013. Both of these successful shows will form an event which will highlight emerging technologies in the electronics space. This will take place from 17-18 April 2013 at the International Congress Center in Berlin.
The Printed Electronics Europe show is part of a world-leading series of global events, with sister shows in Asia and the US. The event will focus on the commercialisation of these emerging technologies, covering organic, inorganic, thin film and flexible sub-categories. Some of the world's largest user companies will be presenting their needs of, and experience with, printed electronics, and many will be in attendance to learn how they can use these new technologies in their products. Alongside the conference there will be an extensive tradeshow which will once again feature Demonstration Street, the largest collection of products using printed electronics in one place and, NEW this year in Europe, Manufacturing Street. Manufacturing Street brings together organisations, who will make devices on production ready equipment. These manufacturers will showcase how to make printed electronic devices, step-by-step.
Co-located with the Printed Electronics Europe event will be IDTechEx's Energy Harvesting & Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks conferences. Now in their fifth year in Europe, these events will be providing insight into how energy harvesting and storage technologies are integrated over a wide range of verticals, ranging from consumer electronics and sensors all the way to vehicles, building and industrial automation. The events will also focus on the latest developments in wireless technologies and their impact on sectors such as civil infrastructure and the creation of smart cities, to building and automotive integration as well as deployments in harsh environments.
"The range of new technologies in the electronics industry is rapidly growing and so are the needs of those in the value chain," said Evelyn Moeck, Managing Director of IDTechEx Germany. She continues, "IDTechEx has predicted and followed these market trends for over 10 years and successfully launched conferences on Printed Electronics and Energy Harvesting and Storage, Wireless Sensor Networks. With this event in Berlin, we will now bring these segments together and give participants and exhibitors greater networking options and business opportunities."
Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx explains the technical connections, "Energy harvesting devices harness energy from the environment, such as from heat, light, motion and RF, which can be used to power the new products incorporating printed electronics such as displays, sensors and logic. Some forms of energy harvesting devices are themselves printed or flexible, allowing new products to emerge from new design, performance and price point perspectives. IDTechEx is bringing together these two events to give attendees full coverage of the emerging materials, components, products and uses across the entire value chain."
David Fyfe, non-executive director of IDTechEx and OE-A board member adds, "People interested in printed electronics and related technologies are faced with too many conferences in too many separate venues. IDTechEx is addressing this issue innovatively by co-locating conferences and exhibitions to allow attendees to make the most of valuable time and travel expense".
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