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IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and WSN USA 2012 Awards, Washington DC

IDTechEx announced the winners of the 3rd Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensor Networks USA awards last week, at the conference held in Washington, DC and attended by over 300 people. The award ceremony recognized innovation and valuable technology developments in the fields of energy harvesting, wireless sensor networks and related technologies such as energy storage and low power electronics. Judges for the awards were Dr Hohyun Lee from Santa Clara University and Dr Peter Fuhr from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Best Application of Energy Harvesting

The award for Best Application of Energy Harvesting went to State University of New York at Stony Brook for their 'Mechanical Motion Rectifier based Railroad Energy Harvester'. According to our judges, 'The novelty of this technology lies in the unique design on the mechanical motion rectifier that converts the irregular vibration motion into unidirectional rotation of the generator.' Dr Lei Zuo received the award and mentioned during his acceptance speech that there is already a company aiming to commercialize the technology.
Picture: Dr Lei Zuo, Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Best Technical Development of Wireless Sensor Networks

In the field of Best Technical Development of Wireless Sensor Networks, the winner was Intel Corporation with their 'Personal Office Energy Monitor', also known as POEM.
One judge commented when describing the reasons why this was chosen as the winner of this category: 'This is the first actual referenceable effort that I have ever seen that details a method for humans to adjust their office space environment with a goal of personal comfort AND energy savings. Without a hesitation, Intel gets my vote.'

Best Technical Development of Energy Harvesting

The Best Technical Development of Energy Harvesting went to Bill Gillette of Logimesh Technologies, LLC, for the company's 'Intelligent Remote Engine Health Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Field.' This is a condition monitoring system for an application operating in a harsh environment with a thermoelectric energy harvester promising a 10+ year lifetime. The complete device, hermetically sealed and safe from weather and other harmful environmental factors, is a sensing system that also takes into account the conditions in which such devices have to operate and offers significant solutions to problems relating to weather/environmental phenomena.
Picture: Bill Gillette, President & CEO, Logimesh Technologies, LLC

Best Academic Poster

Out of ten academic posters, the judges had to choose one and in this occasion, the best poster award went to Rice University for their poster entitled 'Fabrication of Li-ion Batteries Solely by Multi-step Spray Painting' by Charudatta Galande.
Picture: Charudatta Galande, and Neelam Singh, MEMS Department Rice University

Best in Show

The only award that was not judged by Dr Lee and Dr Fuhr was the 'Best in Show' award. It was voted for by all conference attendees who chose their favorite booth on the exhibition floor. This was won by Infinite Power Solutions, with their booth attracting attendees' attention with the multitude of 'hands on' energy harvesting applications for everyone to experience.
Picture: Ken Littleford, Applications Engineer and Joe Keating, Senior Director, Applications Engineering, Infinite Power Solutions
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