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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Energy-producing urban furniture

Last Friday FCC hosted the first working meeting of the "Enercity" project focused on smart cities. Financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through the INNPACTO sub-programme, the project involves the participation of CETEMMSA Technological Centre and FCC Energy and Sustainability. The project, which was also presented at the recent Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, has a total budget of 1.3 M€ and is to last for 40 months.
The increase both in population and size of cities brings about an increase in environmental challenges, as it is cities that require most energy services. Thus the demand for energy is expected to grow by 40% in 2030*.
*Source: International Energy Agency (IEA)
Specifically, the project aims to generate a flexible photovoltaic product in order to produce electricity through urban furniture in cities. This low-cost, clean energy should be able to meet the energy needs of citizens in the urban space. "Enercity" will transform urban fixtures such as bus shelters, bus stops, streetlamps, benches, posters, awnings or canopies in power-generating smart objects.
The project will also develop the manufacturing process for flexible solar panels so that this technology can be extrapolated to an industrial scale with a lower manufacturing cost than existing photovoltaic technologies.
"The results of this initiative will mean that new urban settings will have the chance to have a greater number of sites equipped with photovoltaic technology, contributing a higher added value to urban furniture", states María Teresa de Ugarte of FCC Energy and Sustainability. "Clearly showing our commitment to combining our usual activities with renewable energies", she concludes.
About FCC Energy and Sustainability
FCC Energy and Sustainability is a company belonging to the FCC Group that carries on its activities in the energy sector with particular interest in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency, cogeneration and the application of new technologies for the energy valuation of waste. The FCC Group is present in 56 countries, has more than 90,000 employees, and specializes in designing solutions for the well-being of citizens.
In 2004, FCC started its international activity and by 2010 Europe represented 85% of its international income, especially in the Infrastructures and Environmental Services area. Europe, together with the USA, represents 80% of its international turnover.
CETEMMSA is a technology centre, with a 20-year history, with specific expertise in the treatment of flexible surfaces in the field of Printed Electronics to obtain smart devices. These smart devices are capable of contributing new utilities to a variety of economic sectors: health and well-being, automotive industry and transport, professional sports, safety and protection, packaging, architecture and construction and technical textiles, among others.
Government-certified and approved, it forms part of the TECNIO network and is one of Catalonia's six advanced technology centres. Its mission is to enhance the competitiveness of companies and help them through product innovation.
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