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Posted on December 10, 2012 by  & 
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Perpetuum Releases Intelligent Power Module

The much anticipated release of Perpetuum's new Intelligent Power Module (IPM) at the recent Emerson Exchange meeting in Anaheim was met with enthusiasm by a multitude of end-users.
The IPM allows users to connect Perpetuum's Vibration Energy Harvester (also known as Vibration Energy Scavenger) and hence deliver significant savings by avoiding the need to replace batteries even at fast update rates down to a few seconds. Visitors to Emerson Exchange were able to see the technical benefits that this solution can bring as well as an ROI with approximately the first battery change avoided.
The IPM allows the Rosemount 3051S to accept external power sources from 8V to 24V including 24VDC power supplies enabling maximum battery life and minimized maintenance logistics for the 3051S even at the highest update rates. Combination of the Intelligent Power Module and Perpetuum's Vibration Energy Harvesters or the 24V DC option is currently available for use with the Rosemount 3051S wireless transmitter.
The IPM is also designed to be used with other energy harvesting solutions as they become available.
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About Perpetuum:
Perpetuum ( External Link) is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of the world's most powerful electro-magnetic Vibration Energy Harvesting solutions, enabling the growth of Wireless Automation by providing maintenance-free, fit and forget extended power solutions.
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