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Posted on December 24, 2012 by  & 
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Energy harvesting wireless will make the internet of things happen

The ZigBee Alliance recently announced ZigBee PRO Green Power, a feature designed to enable the connection of energy harvesting devices to a ZigBee network.
Laurent Giai-Miniet, CEO of EnOcean, the inventor of the patented energy harvesting wireless technology, comments on this:
"The announcement of the ZigBee PRO Green Power specification shows that now ZigBee also recognises the potential of energy harvesting wireless solutions - a technology with a great future. Manufacturers, planers, installers, building operators and owners as well as end users are becoming increasingly conscious of the limited lifetime of batteries and their un-reliable, eco-unfriendly character. With the development of sensor networks towards the "Internet of Things", where billions of small devices are inter-connected, batteries will present a huge disadvantage as a single point of failure. That's why energy harvesting wireless technology will make the IoT happen.
EnOcean is a pace setter in the field of energy harvesting wireless technology with more than 10 years experience in energy harvesting wireless, having introduced the first commercially available products on the market 10 years ago. Today, EnOcean's wireless technology is an international standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10). We are leading the way with our optimally adjusted combination of miniaturized energy converters, optimized energy management for ultra-low power and wireless protocol - for a fast, almost plug & play product development, including bi-directional communication and enhanced security features such as rolling code and encryption.
As soon as the first energy harvesting wireless products based on ZigBee PRO Green Power reach the market we will of course clarify the patent situation. EnOcean has already registered multiple patent families in the area of energy harvesting wireless technology, which we have successfully defended in Europe and in the USA. However, we are also open for new cooperation with companies where we can offer support with our profound experience and our product competence. For example, our energy harvesting wireless switch application.
All in all ZigBee's efforts in the field of energy harvesting wireless help to strengthen EnOcean's position and provide us with confirmation that we backed a successful, future-proof technology."
Graham Martin, Chairman of the EnOcean Alliance, the non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of interoperable energy harvesting wireless building control systems, states:
"It is comforting to see that with ZigBee PRO Green Power the ZigBee Alliance has now chosen to take the same path of battery-free and maintenance-free solutions that EnOcean technology has been going down for the past 10 years. The fact that an organization such as the ZigBee Alliance, who has focused on a protocol developed for higher energy mesh networking systems over the past 10 years, is now promoting a specification for energy harvesting wireless networks shows the great success and the potential of this technology. It also accredits the work of EnOcean and the EnOcean Alliance.
The success of the EnOcean Alliance speaks for itself being one of the fastest growing technical alliances worldwide. There are already over 300 members in the EnOcean Alliance from various markets who have developed over 1000 products based on the EnOcean wireless standard, with more than 250.000 building projects successfully deployed across the globe.
The announcement of ZigBee PRO Green Power might encourage more cooperation between ZigBee Alliance members looking for maintenance free solutions with the EnOcean eco-system, EnOcean and the EnOcean Alliance - something we have always offered and welcomed."
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