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Off Grid Energy Independence
Posted on May 23, 2013 by  & 
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Perpetuum Intelligent Power Module for Emerson/Rosemount 3051

Chemical Processing, a leading journal of technological advances in the chemical industry, recently surveyed the potential of energy harvesters to replace batteries in wireless sensor nodes from Emerson, a global leader in wireless industrial automation. Naturally, the article began with a discussion of the Perpetuum Intelligent Power Module (IPM), which enables a constant power supply drawn from Perpetuum vibration energy harvesters, thermal harvesters, or traditional DC. Chemical Processing describes the problems that power interchangeability will solve and how Perpetuum is at the forefront of the emerging international standards.
Giving chemical manufacturers a sense of the state of the technology and things to come, the editor investigates two U.S. field trials underway with the Emerson Rosemount 3051S wireless pressure sensor and the Perpetuum IPM. The joint project has proved itself in many challenges, and the tests have deepened the companies' expertise. To learn why Emerson believes that Vibration Energy Harvesters are so important, read Energy Harvesting Widens Wireless' Appeal online at
About Perpetuum
Perpetuum ( External Link) is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of the world's most powerful electromagnetic vibration energy harvesters, enabling the growth of Wireless Sensor Nodes by providing maintenance-free, fit and forget extended power solutions.
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