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Integration Technology Ltd wins Product Development Award

New product launches for 2013 from Integration Technology Ltd (ITL) have won the UK-based UV curing pioneer the Product Development Award at this year's Printed Electronics Asia show and conference.
The British-based developer's growing portfolio caught the eye of judges at the July 8-11th event held in Tokyo where the company's local office showed a range of new and ground-breaking semi conductor powered UV light sources as well as contributing a well-received presentation on the maturing role of UV curing in printed electronics applications.
ITL Japan business development manager Yasushi Katsuta cited this years' event 'a huge success'.
"A good turnout of industry professionals was rewarded by a diversity of products and presentations," he related. "We saw applications covering OLED, OTFT, photovoltaic, and conductive materials both in development stage and commercial production with core focus on eco-solutions and low temperature curing."
Yasushi's presentation revealed trending to growing applications in the sector; adoption of a wider range of materials; and the growing share attained by UV LED solutions by virtue of added flexibility, lower footprint, greater accuracy of cure, as well as environmental benefits.
Commenting on ITL's Product Development Award win, he added:
"In the face of strong local sector competition, winning this award was a special honour for ITL Tokyo, our UK research and development team, and indeed for all ITL international offices."
2013 has been marked by a steady series of product launches by ITL, many showcased at June's FESPA event in London where visitors were introduced to the all new LEDZero Solidcure 2, the latest UV LED curing unit drawing on the company's 10 years of experience in developing semi conductor light engines.
Solidcure 2 offers class-leading dose and linearity of output surpassing other water cooled units of this type in the world. Slim and ultra compact, this water-cooled system has a standard output power of 12W/cm² @ 395nm with alternative wavelengths such as 365nm, 385nm and 405nm available as options.
Fully scalable in both length and width, the LEDZero Solidcure 2 can be tailored to meet extremely specific UV LED requirements on a wide range of applications, including high speed inkjet printing, high speed roll to roll flexographic and offset printing; screen printing; converting; and a wide range of other industrial applications.
Specification benefits include field-replaceable modules offering even further extended service life; driver electronics fully integrated within the lamp head; switch mode power supply unit for world-wide compatibility. Also available in a HD version offering twice the dose of the standard model, the ground-breaking LEDZero Solidcure 2 is commercially-available from July (2013).
FESPA London also hosted a live application of ITL's new SubZero LED system. While designed for wide format graphics platforms, ITL demonstrated the system's high cure capability being equally at home in a single pass high speed application.
This revolutionary new air-cooled curing solution has a compact footprint and all the proven features and benefits of the established SubZero arc system range making for an easy conversion to UV LED technology for any platform currently using the world leading SubZero.
The SubZero arc program has also been enhanced with the launch of two new models on show for the first time with an added cure length in the new SubZero 220 and new high power version of the very popular SubZero 170 model producing 50% more output power than the standard.
Also on show - and again new for 2013 - ITL's super compact MZero LED utilized all of the proven features and benefits of its sister arc product and incorporated them into an LED alternative enhanced by extra functionalities such as instant on/off, variable power and low temperature operation and a plug and play feature to the lamp head design enabling simple machine integration or field installation.
Ideally suited to digital inkjet applications such as small plotters, 3D product printers or marking and encoding applications, the MZero LED is also equally at home curing inks, coating or sealants in a variety of other industrial applications.
Printed Electronics Asia and FESPA follow a series of industry events featuring ITL showcases including IMI, LopeC and marketing partner IST-Metz's UV DAYS event in Nuertingen, Germany in June. External Link
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