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First bluetooth low energy wristband with thermoelectric energy supply

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS presents an innovation in the area of integrated energy supplies: the energy-independent sensor armband BlueTEG.
The BlueTEG sensor wristband measures sensor readings such as the ambient temperature or acceleration rates and transmits this data via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet PC. Integrated in a wristband, BlueTEG uses the temperature difference between the skin and the surrounding air to produce electrical energy to supply the electronic systems. It is the first Bluetooth module powered by thermal gradients between body and ambient temperature.
To this end, a conventional thermogenerator and a special voltage converter from Fraunhofer IIS are used. BlueTEG does not require a battery that needs to be recharged or exchanged, unlike conventional devices. It can be used with all types of body-worn or wireless sensor systems and can also be integrated in multifunctional or GPS watches, for example.
Source and top image: Fraunhofer
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