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Best Application of Wireless Sensor Networks/Internet of Things 2014

WebNMS, a division of Zoho Corp. and a leading global provider of Telecom Network Management and Machine to Machine platform, has announced it is this year's recipient of the IDTechEx Internet of Things & Wireless Sensor Networks 2014 award for Best Application of Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks (IoT and WSN).
In the best application for WSN/IOT category, WebNMS won the award for its M2M application platform and eight successful implementations of WSN systems, based on the platform. These eight solutions offered by WebNMS are ATM Site manager, Cell tower manager, Solar farm manager, Power grid monitoring, Road infrastructure manager, Data center infrastructure manager and Windmill manager and Smart home.
The IDTechEx Awards recognises company development and success in all energy harvesting technologies and applications, including the pertinent wireless sensor networks (WSN) and Internet of Things fields. Each participant presented their application platform as well as a case for how their platform addresses business challenges while improving efficiencies, reducing costs, and driving profitability. WebNMS was chosen for its superior, highly customizable and scalable application development capabilities for varied industries in the field of Green Energy, Energy Efficiency, etc.
The award was presented at the Internet of Things & Wireless Sensor Network Conference Europe 2014 held at Berlin, Germany that brings together developers, integrators and end-users of emerging technologies. The annual conference is focussed on the rising trend of Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks, where leading players in this field showcase their innovations in telecommunications technology.
Prabhu Ramachandran, Director-WebNMS said, "Wireless sensor networks are the facilitating technology for key applications across various industry verticals. We are honored to be recognized with this prestigious award by the esteemed IDTechEx, at a forum that recognizes Machine-to-Machine as the future of our way of life and communication with our world. This award is an acknowledgement of our efforts towards creating a highly flexible, scalable and reliable M2M application development platform, to rapidly build and deploy innovative M2M applications for managing millions of connected devices in real-time."
About WebNMS:
WebNMS is a telecom software division of Zoho Corp. that specializes in network and element management framework and Machine-to-Machine platform that are targeted towards network service providers, managed service providers and solution vendors. With more than 25,000 deployment across the globe, WebNMS framework today is the most preferred and reliable solution available in the market. As a latest addition to its portfolio, WebNMS has forayed into machine to machine (M2M) solutions to remotely monitor and control passive infrastructures and to operate large network devices. For more information about WebNMS, please visit External Link.
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IDTechEx offers independent market research, business intelligence and advice on emerging technologies to companies across the value chain, supporting them in making essential strategic business decisions. Our experienced business and technology experts provide international perspective in printed electronics and electrics, electric vehicles, disruptive new materials, components and systems, energy storage and energy harvesting. We do this by disseminating our research through reports, subscription and advisory services, bespoke consulting and events. External Link.
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