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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Versatile energy harvesting switches

ARVENI's batteryless switches convert mechanical energy into electricity, touching a finger on the switch converts the mechanical energy of finger pressure into electricity to power the radio. Control between the switch and the receiver is by radio communication, not by cable, and its installation is easy and low cost.
The switches can control on/off and also dimmers and are compatible with most facades. Installation of Arveni's energy harvesting switches offer reductions in electricity bills and the receiver has a very low standby power consumption. The timer can automatically turn off all lights and appliances on standby. As there is no battery, there are no potentially polluting materials and the switch is created with copper and plastic. The radio waves issued by the switch are a fraction of the power of those issued by a portable phone. It is the user pressing the button which provides the energy required to operate the radio.
The attractive design is compatible with most equipment and provides aesthetic choices. The switches are flush and integrated discretely into all environment. The glasses can be mounted on wood, glass or mirrors and they are quick and easy to install.
Source: Arveni
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