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Off Grid Energy Independence
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World's first polychrome organic solar module by DisaSolar

DisaSolar, French SME, specialist in custom made solar modules, has successfully demonstrated the world's first polychrome photovoltaic module. This is the result of a 3 year program funded by the DGA (Directorate General of Armaments) French army in collaboration with the French academic laboratories CNRS-XLIM- MINACOM and the CEA-INES.
Disa Solar will be presenting about this at the IDTechEx event covering printed electronics and energy harvesting in Berlin on April 28-29. See External Link for more details.
"This is a new step towards custom made energy" said Stéphane Poughon, CEO of DisaSolar.
OPV shows great assets as lightweight, flexibility and customization that differentiate it from the other technologies. By tailoring the electrical properties, shape and color of the OPV panel, it will be possible to better fulfill customer requirements in terms of product specification and integration. Moreover, enabling the tuning of color and freedom in design tackles the aesthetic hurdle (unique color and rectangular shape) that makes conventional solar panels commercially unattractive for a large number of applications.
This project funded by the DGA aims at developing organic solar modules of camouflage with dual applications in the military and civil industry. Major work has been undertaken by the three parties on the solar module design, software development, ink formulations and processes. Three different colored functional inks have been used to make the polychrome module. This outstanding result has been possible by using exclusively inkjet printing processes.
About DisaSolar
DisaSolar, French SME based in France, was created in 2009. It is a subsidiary of the group DisaTech/Megamark/Glimma which employs 220 people and whose turnover exceeds 45 million euros. The group is expert in signage (printing, integration and deployment) and is leader in providing innovative solutions to customers for visual communication.
DisaSolar is specialist in custom-made solar modules. The company commercializes and installs flexible, conformable and customized solar panels. It also pursues other activities in the development of "third generation" OPV (Organic Photovoltaic) cells, using organic materials.
DisaSolar is on the way to become a world leader in the manufacturing of printed organic solar modules, incorporating numerous prestigious French and international laboratories (CEA-INES, Solliance, University of Queen's, CNRS-XLIM).
Source and top image DisaSolar
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