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Off Grid Energy Independence
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Energy harvesting tiles for French National Railway Company

Pavegen have been commissioned by France's national railway company, SNCF (French National Railway Company), to install 6 kinetic energy tiles in the middle of a corridor in SNCF's Innovation & Research office in Paris. The kinetic energy harvested by the staff members of SNCF will illuminate LED strip lighting along the corridor. This energy will then be displayed on an interactive screen displaying the amount of energy generated. This is the first step for Pavegen to implement their innovative technology in every transport environment in France and contribute to SNCF's focus on Research Innovation and Development.
Pavegen are a clean technology company that have globally pioneered a flooring tile that converts the wasted kinetic energy from human footfall into renewable electricity. Having previously worked with Schneider Electric, GDF Suez, Olympic Delivery Authority and Ferrovial in Heathrow Airport, Pavegen's aim is to engage and educate the public on a sustainable energy resource, shifting perceptions on renewability. Transport has a vital role to play in supporting sustainable economic growth and Pavegen have the vision of implementing their technology in every transport hub in France.
SNCF is committed to promoting sustainable mobility and have pledged to make their trains and train stations more energy efficient. As the single largest electricity consumer in France, accounting for 1.5% of the nation's energy output, and with train operation accounting for 89% of SNCF's power bill, ensuring efficient energy usage is essential for SNCF's growth.
By installing Pavegen technology, SNCF have created a greater opportunity for footfall power, allowing the public to become a core part of their renewable energy generation across the whole of France. This acts as confirmation of SNCF's policy to explore cleaner energy alternatives and to generate the next-generation of transport infrastructure.
Pavegen's first installation within the transport sector was in 2012 where their energy-harvesting tiles were installed in West Ham Tube station; one of the main stations leading into the venue for the London Olympics. In addition, Pavegen collaborated with GDF Suez in March 2014 and installed 14 tiles outside Saint Omer station in France that is powered by 5,000 commuters a day, illuminating LED lighting and powering USB ports beneath nearby benches. Over the course of 18 months the installation is set to reduce the energy usage for the outdoor lighting.
Founder and CEO of Pavegen Systems, Laurence Kemball-Cook says: "We believe our technology is the solution to future developments in the transport industry combining its ability to generate renewable electricity with the power to educate the public on sustainability as well as provide real time data for wayfinding, advertising and reduce our carbon footprint."
SNCF said "Amid rising energy prices, skyrocketing demand for public transport, an increasingly digital society, and sweeping rail market reform, we're transforming our Innovation & Research (I&R) process to create tomorrow's mobility."
Source and top image: Pavegen
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