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Onboard asset management services into Asia-Pacific rail market

Perpetuum, a leader in vibration energy harvesting and its application in asset management across the rail industry, has won its first major contract in the Asia-Pacific market with Metro Trains Melbourne.
Metro Trains Melbourne, which operates 203 six-carriage trainsets across 830 kilometres (km) of track, has ordered a pilot of Perpetuum's powerful services across its Alstom X'Trapolis trainsets to effectively monitor its bearings and wheels. Working with Perpetuum in this way, Metro Trains Melbourne intends to significantly extend maintenance overhauls by moving towards condition monitored maintenance.
Powered by its patented wireless energy harvesting micro-generators, Perpetuum's onboard Sensor Systems produces powerful vibration and temperature data, enabling its clients to accurately view the real time health and predict the failure of rotating components on trains, such as wheel bearings, motors and gearboxes.
Onboard bearing temperature monitoring will provide temperature updates every minute making it significantly faster, more frequent and more reliable than trackside monitoring systems. This will also provide Metro Trains Melbourne with future opportunities for track condition monitoring utilising the same hardware and smart technologies, helping to improve ride comfort and reduce disruptions for passengers.
"We are looking forward to the partnership with Perpetuum as this forms part of Metro's wider Rolling Stock Condition Monitoring strategy," said Systems Engineer Dan Ward from Metro Trains Melbourne. "The success of the sensor trials will enable Metro to realise changes in maintenance, which will be driven by quantitative fact. Ultimately, this will lead to significant financial savings in the maintenance of wheel sets and bearing components, and the additional benefits from the system of indicative track condition will also have a considerable impact."
"We are very pleased to be working with Metro and being present in Australia," says Justin Southcombe, Commercial Director of Perpetuum. "This pilot marks the next significant stage in Perpetuum's global growth strategy, demonstrating again the universal maintenance opportunities that our technology and information can support."
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