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Paper Battery Company announces availability of PowerResponder

Paper Battery Company, developer of an innovative supercapacitor-based energy storage and battery enhancement technology, has announced immediate availability of the Fast Charge Developers Kit for its PowerResponder™ product line. This kit enables product designers' to incorporate fast charging PowerResponder cells in their products and prototype a variety of input charging devices and protocols, radically improving the use model of battery-powered devices.
With the Fast Charge Developers Kit, PowerResponder cells can be fully charged in less than five minutes. A "charge in minutes to run for hours" capability is very attractive for applications such as power tools, toys, Bluetooth™ headphones, medical and industrial handheld devices and game controllers, where intermittent use cycles allow for rapid recharge in between uses.
"Anxiety over battery life is a major issue for users of all types of consumer and mobile devices. In addition, larger and larger batteries are being built in to systems with increasing safety risks," said Shreefal Mehta, CEO of Paper Battery Company. "By fast charging and recharging the energy storage device in minutes to allow hours of runtime and replacing lithium batteries with supercapacitors, we are bringing exciting new tools to our customers so they can rethink energy management and provide an anxiety-free, battery-free customer experience."
Charging of lithium batteries is slow, needing hours even for small batteries, and fast charging is limited because of safety issues. The PowerResponder product line has much higher energy density than traditional supercapacitors, and can charge in minutes with none of the safety risks of lithium batteries. PowerResponders can be used in parallel with lithium batteries in external packs to enhance the charging rates and can also replace the lithium batteries in some cases. The PowerResponder cell could replace the lithium battery pack in the external power case sold for smartphones today, and provide two hours of talk time extension in two minutes of charging the external power case.
The Fast Charge Developers Kit is available now from Paper Battery Company for $400 and includes a fast charger board, a user manual, technical support for optimizing the charging protocols and two 350F PowerResponder cells. Product developers can integrate the conformable PowerResponder™ supercapacitor over existing structural components, like in the headband of wireless headphones.
About Paper Battery Company
The Paper Battery Company has two supercapacitor-based product lines with game changing ultrathin form factors and industry-leading performance. Supercapacitors can replace batteries or enable companies to use smaller batteries without compromising energy or peak performance and the company's patented form factor solution allows for revolutionary size changes in wearables, accessories, and mobile electronics. The company's products provide scalable voltage, energy and power in a single, ultrathin package. The long life, environmentally friendly device works with existing lithium batteries, reducing waste, and fits in or around existing components. The company's innovative business model and technology have garnered multiple awards, including the 2015 CES Innovation Award for embedded technology and multiple competitive awards from the NY State Energy and Research Development Authority. For more information go to
Source: Paper Battery Company
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