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Agreement for joint development of piezoelectric device

ULVAC, Inc. (ULVAC) and Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch) have announced they have signed a basic agreement to jointly develop a piezoelectric device (PZT) for MEMS.
Bosch, as a world leading MEMS sensor manufacturer, selected ULVAC's SME-200 sputtering system for the development of upcoming leading edge MEMS. With the growth of MEMS technology, sensors and actuators that use piezoelectric devices have been developed and commercialized in recent years. ULVAC believe that MEMS manufacturing technology, such as thin-film deposition and dry etching will be the key factor in producing high quality piezoelectric devices in years to come.
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About ULVAC, Inc.
ULVAC, Inc., is a Japan-based vacuum equipment manufacturer. ULVAC was founded in 1952 and has contributed to development of industry and technology through comprehensive use of vacuum technology and its peripheral technology. We created "ULVAC SOLUTIONS" based on our one of a kind technologies built upon long years of research, development, and production technology innovations. We offer this solution composed of equipment, materials, analytic evaluation, vacuum components and other various services, for flat panel displays, solar cells, semiconductors, electronic components, and general industrial equipment. For more information, please visit
Source and top image: ULVAC Inc
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