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Flagship Pavegen installation confirmed for Canary Wharf district

Situated in the heart of the Canary Wharf District, the awards ceremony for Level 39's Cognicity Challenge took place at the second tallest building in Great Britain; One Canada Square. Pavegen are selected to implement their technology in the heart of Canary Wharf; well-renowned as the hub of innovation and sustainability in the UK.
CEO and Chairman of Canary Wharf Group, Sir George Iacobescu, said: "Pavegen is one of the greatest ideas, which needs to be implemented by more companies within the public space. I think it could shape the future of renewable energy generation, with an enormous scope on helping the Canary Wharf district achieve sustainability, through lighting, HVAC, and endless applications."
Urban cities are growing by 1.1 million people per week; the equivalent of the City of Birmingham's population. Pavegen provide a tangible form of energy for the smart cities of the future, having developed a flooring technology that converts the weight of a footstep into renewable electricity. With Canary Wharf receiving daily footfall of 100 thousand commuters, the public spaces within the district present a landmark opportunity for footfall data and renewable energy generation.
Having tested the technology in over 20 countries, from transport to retail sectors across the world, Pavegen were thrilled to showcase their product at the Cognicity Challenge. The chance to develop a pilot project further emphasises the capabilities of Pavegen in public spaces, where wind and solar alternatives are costly and inefficient in comparison. The installation will demonstrate a future where communities are placed at the heart of their renewable energy generation, providing power when and where it is needed.
Pavegen CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook presented to an audience of over 200 people, including VCs, VIPs from the Canary Wharf Group and across the smart city sector, local government, academia and the media. Pavegen exhibited with an installation, enabling attendees to control the music at the event with their footsteps.
Pavegen received an honourable mention and Kemball-Cook accepted the award, stating: "we are thrilled with the opportunity to pilot our technology, networking with equally innovative and like-minded solutions that aim to improve standards of living for future generations to come."
Programme Leader, Celia Bell, said: "Smart cities of the future come to life with Pavegen and their disruptive outlook embodies what the Cognicity Challenge is about."
Cognicity Challenge is a pioneering project set up by Canary Wharf Group, aiming to accelerate the growth of small and medium sized start-ups through mentoring from experienced business leaders. The accelerator programme had a prize award of £50,000 and an opportunity to pilot innovative technology within one of the world's greatest capital cities.
About Pavegen:
Pavegen is the invention of Laurence Kemball-Cook, 29, an industrial design engineer and graduate of Loughborough University. The CEO and founder of Pavegen developed the concept in 2009, whilst researching kinetic-off grid energy solutions in environments where low-carbon technologies like solar and wind are not practical. Pavegen tiles can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations and work best where there is high footfall such as retail and transport hubs. The technology is integrated, discreetly, into the existing environment, underfoot. Permanent installations include three schools in the UK, the entrance of a large office and an installation at Federation Square, Melbourne - to name a few. Pavegen units are also available in modular form for use at events, such as exhibitions and marketing campaigns, to demonstrate their commitment to innovation, sustainability and CSR initiatives.
About Canary Wharf Group plc:
Canary Wharf Group plc is an integrated property development, investment and management group of companies. It is focussed on the design, construction, leasing and management of grade A office space and high-quality retail, residential and leisure facilities in central London. Over the past 20 years Canary Wharf Group has regenerated derelict wharves into one of the world's premier business and shopping districts, constructing over 16m sq ft of office space; more than any other company in London. These buildings are now occupied by over 100,000 people.
Canary Wharf Group's tenants, clients and occupiers include some of the world's leading business organisations from the media, legal, accounting, financial services, IT, energy and transport sectors. Canary Wharf Group has also developed and successfully let over 300 shops, bars, cafes and restaurants including many of Britain's leading brands.
In addition to development on the Canary Wharf Estate, the Group is also involved with projects across London. The Pan Peninsula and Drapers Gardens developments have been successfully completed and construction continues on 20 Fenchurch Street (Walkie Talkie) in the City of London which is already 90% let or under offer. The Group is also in a joint venture with Qatari Diar for the redevelopment of the Shell Centre on London's South Bank.
About Level39 at Canary Wharf
Established by Canary Wharf Group plc, at 29,000 square feet, Level39 is Europe's largest accelerator space for businesses innovating in financial, retail and future city technologies. It helps growing businesses to deliver world-class financial technology products and services through unrivalled access to office, event and social facilities, new customers, partners, talent, investment, ideas and social and cultural amenities provided by Canary Wharf.
Level39's layout has been designed in 'tech industry' style by architects Gensler, who have worked on some of the world's most exciting workspaces including offices for Facebook and Google.
Source and top image: Pavegen
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